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Let Me In (2010/I)
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better than the foreign language one, 7 October 2010

This movie is so much better than the original foreign language version. The original was a condensation of the book, whereas this one is an adaption of the book. The original book was too long, too many subplots, too many characters and truthfully, not an easy read. The movie had all of the defects of the book. This new version really focuses in on Owen (the boy) and the movie is so much more powerful because of that. It also helps that Kodi Smit-McPhee is the actor that they chose. This kid is unbelievable! If he continues producing the same level of acting in the future that he has for this movie, he will become one of the great actors of the 21st Century. The movie, The Road, was a complete waste of his talent, a 3rd rate movie based on Cormac McCarthy's loopy vision of the future. So See Let Me In, you will totally love it, a great movie!

Kisses (2008)
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great movie, best teenage actors, 6 August 2010

Either the two teenagers who play the central roles are the greatest teen actors in the world OR the director can handle teenagers better than any director in the history of cinema. You should see this movie just for the superb job these two young people perform. The movie by itself is excellent, the photography, the use of the music of Bob Dylan, the dialog (thank you for the on screen translations cause at times it sounded like a foreign film from somewhere in Eastern Europe). This movie really is a gem as starts out in monotone and then when the kids reach Dublin the color is fantastic. I guess I just can't say enough nice things about this flick, check it out, you gotta love it.

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confusing but entertaining, 18 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think is is best to see this movie twice. At least, it was for me. The first time around it was a jumbled mess, but after a second viewing it made some sense. The movie is really about incest. The fact that the brother is killed almost becomes secondary to the sexual action. The sister, played by Lizzie Brochere, spends a lot of her time nude and engaged in simulated sex. She wants to find the killer of her brother. So anybody that had anything to do with that incident, gets to, if not see her naked, a chance to test the tightness of her vagina. Apparently, since they were teenagers, the siblings have been engaged in sex. And not only does she make it with her brother, she makes it with all of his friends. The French are really good at these sort of movies where sex and nudity dominate. An American version would probably resulted in a teen comedy with the males humping Boston cream pies. If naked people and simulated sex do not offend you, check out this movie.

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reality check, 22 April 2006

I enjoy this TV show, I guess because the twins are very refreshing and project a very likable image. however, when I found out they were in the movie The Heart is Decietful Above All Things, my attitude toward them changed dramatically. This "suite show" is Disney pablum at its best. No controversy, keep it clean, keep it straight. And they try to keep it boring but the personality of the twins busts on through and they really make the show. Not that I am putting any one else down in the TV show, the cast is very good, and they play comedy in a very professional way. But after seeing "The Heart" all I can say is there definitely is another side to these boys and I am glad they can handle both roles. So I think that in the future these 2 guys will have a prominent place in show business, one can only hope they do not go the route of River Phoenix and burn out like a meteor. In the meantime we can enjoy them in this great little TV show and keep an eye on them in the future

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lots of deceit, 9 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I guess you gotta give this movie some credit for even happening. The premise is pretty outrageous, a young boy is turned into a prostitute and masquerades as a female. I mean that is a lot to throw at people. And I am not sure, that if you did not read the book, that the movie would have made any sense. It is really Asia Argento's movie. I mean she dominates it, everybody else is a bit player, and they just sort of get out of her way. I was surprised at some of the Hollywood types that were in the movie, usually this sort of indie film is populated with total unknowns. This is really not the epitome of great screen writing or acting. It reminds me of Andy Warhol's's movies back in the early 70s. You know, horrible acting, no plot, but hey baby, they were art! And yes! they were art, and maybe in 30 years this movie will be considered art also. I am sort of bitter over the fact that jt leroy is some wasted middle age female in sf, I mean I bought into the story, the whole nine yards, and now that the masquerade is over, in my mind, anything connected with the scam is tainted. I think that might be one of the reasons this movie did not impress me, and hopefully it will disappear for 20 or 30 years.

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duck season?, 9 April 2006

compared to some of the best movies out of Mexico, ( et tu mama etc.) this one is pretty tame. but I smell a rat here. first off, why does what is basically a teen movie get rated R? There is nothing hard core in this movie, NOTHING. I just can't figure the reason for the rating. Plus, I can't seem to find evidence to back me up on this, but, I believe the scene where the teen age boys are on the couch near the end of the movie was censored for the American version. In the very first scene in the movie when Moko is watching the other boy get dressed, it is obvious he has a sexual interest in him. And when they are both stoned later in the movie and alone on the sofa I think this scene went beyond holding hands and licking ears. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, but censorship in American is running rampant. The TV show, "With out a trace", being fined over a scene that didn't even happen, to me just shows what an era of repression we are experiencing. This is a harmless, funny little movie, it never should have been rated R, and if I am right about scenes being cut, then my attitude is: don't even show it in America. I don't want to see censored movies or TV or anything else. These neo-fascists want to determine what we can watch, that is bull crap, and I think it is about time we started to raise a little hell about it.

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not an action flick, 25 February 2006

i just came from a big Hollywood movie, the pink panther, and this little indy flick, the graffiti artist, just blows away Steve martin and his stupid ego movie. this is not an action flick, you have to get into the head of the main actor (ruben bansie-snellman) (shorten your name buddy), it really paints a picture of this young dude whose life is centered around spraying and tagging. he finally meets another young man into the same scene and falls in love with him. so the two get around to having sex, and then the kid with all the money just dumps the street boy. this is a very moving film, and it breaks your heart to see this kid out on the street again, getting busted again etc. congrats to the director, James Bolton, who also did Eban & Charley, a movie that focused on intergenerational love but not the mainstream hysterical manner which is "middle America's" take on it. For those people who didn't like this movie, go back to your couch and turn on the TV. I'm sure there is a Fox channel that has exactly what you are looking for.

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future foretold, 11 February 2006

The movie won an award at the Cannes Film Festival when it was first released and signaled the beginning of a German cinematic revival. The book was written in 1906 and is a tedious read, although thankfully a short book. Homosexuality plays a large role in the book but virtually does not exist in the movie. Torless, a horny teenager in an all boys school, eventually has a torrid sexual affair with one of the students. The movie chooses to ignore this, and maybe for good reason as it was released in I believe in 1966. Filmed in black and white, the lack of color contributes to the atmosphere of German austerity that director uses to his advantage. The final speech by Torless is a brilliant defense for the lack of opposition by the middle class to the rise of Hitler. Most of the teenagers in the movie were not aspiring actors but were chosen almost at random for their roles. But considering the time in which it was produced this is a land mark film, especially for German cinema. The movie is much more entertaining than the book and the director,Volker Schlondorff, did a fabulous job and deserves the awards it was given.

Duma (2005)
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a boy and his cheetah, 29 January 2006

I read Roger Ebert's review of this movie, in it he said that this was not a kid's movie but slanted towards adults. Well, ha ha, I don't know about that. Supposedly based on a true story, this kid, (Alex Michaletos) takes a cheetah (duma) and tries to return him to the wilds. First off, cheetahs are not the most endearing animal on this planet. For one thing they are as skinny as a fashion model and have a sort of perpetual dumb look on their face. The director, Carroll Ballard, who also did The Black Stallion, provides no surprises in this movie. It is very predictable. The kid is cuter than the freckled faced actor in the Black Stallion. However the horse(s) in that movie had a lot more personality. Alex does have this whiny high voice and one can only hope that puberty is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the movie really is aimed at kids and not really adult fare. However, I did not fall asleep during it and the sound track is great, which if I can find it, I will buy it. Maybe cheetahs would be better off in zoos where they could be fed and could get fat.

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transamerica is trans gender, 1 January 2006

I guess it's OK to be trans gender nowadays, at least this latest movie from Hollywood paints a very sympathetic portrait of a man changing his sex to female. And by the end of the movie he gets the operation that removes his "angry inch" ( but actually much larger than that, when in one scene he exposes him self while urinating). And of course, Kevin Zegers, who is one hot little number that looks great in tighty-whiteys, and also can act! The movie becomes a bit formulastic when we visit the home of the parents of the soon to be female, but most of the time plays like it is realilty. Zegers plays a teenage hustler who is pretty naive about sex if he can't figure out the man he is traveling across the country with is not a woman. The sundance channel series on trans gender people in their early twenties gives a startling hard reality view of what it means to be sexually confused. This movie is more of a fantasy about changing your biological sex, but it is entertaining, has its funny and sad moments, and if you are curious about "trans gender" identity, this flick is also educational.

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