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Terrific exploration of "Life in the Projects.", 13 August 2014

This scintillating exploration of the societal hurdles faced by castigated members of society is superbly acted, well filmed, and an outstanding directorial debut by Malik Vittel. Starring future star British actor John Boyega in a sublime performance, the cast perfectly projects the near futility of trying to break out of our own caste system. Like an updated version of Boyz n the Hood, this film accurately portrays life in it's on-location setting in the projects of Los Angeles. A must see, and a lesson in how well-made a small-budget indie film can be. Those fortunate enough to have viewed the film will readily understand why it took the Audience Award in the NEXT competition at a Sundance.

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Superb and timely story of intolerance, 21 March 2012

Call Me Kuchu masterfully succeeds in opening the world of the previously closeted African LGBT community and is a riveting examination of the consequences of intolerance. Skillfully blending a highly personal journey into the lives of others with a journalist's overview of a world skewed by irrational fears and religious fervor, the film reveals how little has been learned from historical lessons of oppression. The central protagonist of the story, David Kato, becomes a lightning rod of attacks from American fundamentalist preachers and smug Nationalist homophobes. After he is bludgeoned to death in his bed, friends and family struggle with how, or even if, their fight for civil rights can continue. The parallels with other such battles are eerie, but the success of many of these past struggles leave the viewer hopeful that good will eventually triumph in this battle as well.