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Goldie (1931)
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The 3 Leads Shine Through a Weak Script, 10 November 2015

I sought out this film because I'm a big Warren Hymer fan (yes, we exist). It's nice to see him in a leading role with Spencer Tracy (they'd go on to make several more films together, all of which are better than this one) and Jean Harlow when she was beginning to get noticed in Hollywood.

The script for this remake is quite weak but the three leads do their best to elevate the material they're working with. The original Howard Hawks film "A Girl in Every Port" is slightly better because the characters are more real and the story is less hateful towards women in general. There's even a scene in the original film (missing from this remake) where the two friends come together to help a single mother and her child. Here, Harlow manages to be much more scheming and outright evil than Louise Brooks.

Hymer's best moment comes towards the end when he learns the truth about Goldie and the realization of betrayal hits him. It's a shame that Warren Hymer became typecast as a thick-headed goof (he graduated from YALE) after the Hays Code came into effect because his Pre-Code output contains impressive performances (Sinners' Holiday, Men Without Women, Up the River, One Way Passage, Madison Sq. Garden, I Love That Man). This particular film isn't his best work but if you enjoy him in other films, it's likely you'll enjoy him in this one too.

I'd really like to see "Goldie" shown on TCM, Fox Movie Channel or released through Fox Cinema Archives manufacture-on-demand line of DVDs. If you see it's being screened in your local revival movie house, check it out for curiosity's sake.

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Forgotten, Short-Lived TV Gem, 23 December 2011

"The Tim Conway Show", not to be confused with Tim's 1980 variety show of the same name, seemed to draw inspiration from the feature film "McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force", and even has a few of the same writers as "McHale's Navy". Like "AfterMASH", it could've easily been titled "AfterMcHale" because Tim and Joe are basically the same characters from the previous series, only this time they're on the same side with the common enemies being the owner of Crawford Airfield and her weaselly son. Tim and Joe had wonderful comedic chemistry together and it's a real shame the show wasn't given another shot.

It aired as a Mid-season replacement on CBS Friday nights at 8pm as the lead-in to the popular "Hogan's Heroes" and opposite "The Brady Bunch" on ABC and "The High Chaparral" on NBC. CBS in 1970 was gearing up for the big "rural purge" so it's anyone's guess if "The Tim Conway Show" would've survived even if it had gotten decent ratings.

This series really could've gone about 2 seasons max. if it had gotten a lucky break. The 2 episodes I've seen of the show are quite creative and funny. Really wish there were more episodes of this sitcom out there, or even available on a retail DVD but unfortunately it's very unlikely to happen.