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Sight & Sound Magazine recently released their list of top 50 films as determined by a poll of fancy-pants critics. The big news is that Vertigo has dethroned Citizen Kane. But when I say “big news” I mean, “big news if you’re trying to make a news story out of popular opinion.” If there’s one thing that popular opinion rarely is, it’s surprising. And those of you who are looking for films to watch, you either have long ago seen both Vertigo and Citizen Kane, or have long ago decided you didn’t care and weren’t going to watch those movies because your mother was killed by a snow globe or something. Those things are dangerous. Please shake carefully. What you need, and what we will give you, is something much more valuable than a list of what critics adore. That’s a list of the 10 Best Films You Haven’t Seen. These films were scientifically selected by first thinking about what sort of title would get the most clicks and then picking 10 films that I love but which aren’t particularly popular. That is how science works. You cannot prove otherwise. This list and more is from
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250 films that you won't regret watching, in no real order. I won't say these are "the best films" or even that I think they're the best films. Instead, I believe these films demonstrate talent and offer something unique to the viewer. That's you. So watch them. And then tell me what you think, and make your own list. For a more concise list: