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A journey into a guilt-ridden writer's mind turns out to be voyage into the paranormal., 20 July 2008

A true gem on Lifetime! Thank God it was promoted by the network or it might have been missed. Why are there more such well crafted genre films, instead of the low budget looking schlock that passes for entertainment on Lifetime? We want more such intelligent thrillers.Sarah Rue was brilliant, convincing. Jaqueline McIness has star potential- a real find. All aspects of the film, the writing, acting, lighting,cinematography, direction was first rate. What could have been a confusing pretentious mess with flash backs was a completely engrossing experience. Bravo to all! Can't wait to see it again! A classy picture. An unexpected twist. A psycho thriller in true Hitchock tradition.

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second wives, dysfunctional families all find ultimate redemption self-sacrifice and unconditional love., 20 July 2008

There is a ring of bitter sweet truth to this movie which profiles the trials and tribulations of anyone who has had to be a surrogate parent and spouse. It's a thankless job. The children aren't your flesh and blood, and everyone knows it. If you draw boundaries and are strict, you are cold-hearted "step parent". If you try too hard to please, you become a door mat that know one respects, and you end up losing your sense of self in the relationship. This is the struggle of Lynn Hughes, played superbly by Andrea Roth. A talented, and arguably under-rated as an actress, Roth strikes the right balance of humanity, fallibility and humour as she tries to be the wife and mother in a ready-made family that has it's worts. Directed with a sure hand by George Mendeluk, the movie is never maudlin, at times touching without being cloying, and has touches of humor which is born out of the reality of painful relationships. Thoroughly enjoyable "chick flick".A must see.

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When ants invade an airplane in flight, the passengers must work together or die., 8 July 2007

I expected worse, and was pleasantly surprised. It's "ants on a plane"; an archetypal disaster flick. I thought it was better than "Snakes On A Plane. I mean you didn't have ants attacking a passenger's crotch, or biting a woman's breast! But any one looking for anything other than just entertainment should go elsewhere. It's like The Poseidon Adventure, except on a lower budget. You see a cross section of humanity trapped in jeopardy. Some people you like, and want to survive: others you hate and want to get munched. I was pulling for the ants! If you want to go deeper, it's a struggle of the human species against the natural order. The humans don't work as a machine; the ants do. Guess who has been around longer?

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An attractive widow and powerful judge falls victim to a handsome psychopath and political intrigue., 11 April 2007

Anne Archer is one of the premier actresses of our time having co starred in the classic movie "Fatal Atrraction" for which she received an Acamdey Award nomination. She has also costarred with such talented male stars as Harrison Ford, Micahel Douglas and Gene Hackman. In "Judicial Indescretion" Anne has an accomplished actor Michael Shanks co-starring, who, with the right opportunities, will emerge as a talent to be reckoned with. And it's great to see that Anne has not lost any of her talent, acting abilities nor beauty as she delivers a virtuoso performance. The film is intelligent, riveting at times and socially relevant. Ms Archer is never strident, when lesser actors would be, and always credible with her understated and haunting performance. However, she emerges at the end, not a victim, but a woman empowered. It's too bad that we can't have women of her character in office. Or is that also the message of this subtly directed film?

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Loved the film because of Shawnee!, 23 March 2007

Let's begin by saying Shawnee Smith! Shawnee Smith! Shawnee Smith! That this movie rocks because of her compelling, genuine performance. As an actress she is fascinating to watch- always doing something, always finding some emotion to play. She is riveting, and finds the comedic moment when one is to be found. Remember when she puts on the zebra coat to go undercover! As for the story, it is unusual, but more realistic danger could have been created. But as we know it is Lifetime. I wish the network would take more chances with the material. I found the pace of the film worked- it was always moving- as did the performances of the supporting actors- especially the actress who played Max. Credit here to the scoring and directing. As for Shawnee she needs material like this and even greater opportunities to truly shine. She is better than "Saw".

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A .mother and her son find a new life at Christmas, 5 December 2006

Christmas stories often have an ethereal spirit which leads the main character(s) to a new awareness or life. "The Christmas Story" is a prime example where the ghost of Robert Marley and the other "spirits" lead Scrooge to a new life of loving and giving. Much in the same vein, "Under The Mistletoe" engages the audience in the same manner, without seeming derivative. It is a wholesome, modern Christmas film, that should become a yearly favorite. Jaimie Ray Newman radiates on screen. She is totally believable as the mourning widow with a son who can not let go of his father, who has died, but remains visible to him. Burkley Duffiled as her son is a fine young actor, handsome, and natural as the loner who can only see into the other world. Michael Shanks, as the new father in his life, is refreshing in his departure from "Stargate". And Connan Graham fulfills his role as the "ghost", the departed father, admirably. The action hockey sequence is bound to engage the hockey fans and the kids as in the "Mighty Ducks". Well produced and put together film with a sure and steady hand in directing.

Her Fatal Flaw (2006) (TV)
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An attractive attorney finds herself in a conflict of interest which pits her political future against her heart., 3 December 2006

Victoria Pratt delivers a stunningly true performance in this thriller which demonstrates that she is a first class actress to be reckoned with. Was she wasted doing all those sci fi series? Was her latent talent prevoiusly unexploited? Perhaps it doesn't matter if she continues to get the dramatic material that this project offers. In "Fatal Flaw" she reveals that she gets better with age like fine wine. Hopefully "Day Break" her new series on ABC will show case her talent like this movie. Performances from Bill Davis and Chris Kramer also shine in this intelligent and well directed picture. Well worth watching.

Presumed Dead (2006) (TV)
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A female homicide detective faces political opposition, and confronts, 21 May 2006

If you love a surprising twist at the end of a movie-this is it! Twist, upon twist, upon twist. The flashbacks and use of color are inventive and creative. They help the story. Does art imitate art, or vice versa? This is what the film seems to explore: the theme that sometimes creative individuals turn to crime and violence if they do not get the opportunity to express themselves, or if their creativity is suppressed-as in the case of Jack The Ripper, or Adolf Hitler. Filmically, the black and white flashbacks seem to represent what really happened, and the more colorful ones seem to be from the accused killer's point of view. It's good to see Sherilyn Fenn again. She is credible as a cop and a single mom wrestling to solve a case of murder with a misogynist as the accused, as well as heal herself from the tragic death of her husband.The credit sequence sets up the plot, which is interesting. The music is haunting. And the directing even and sure handed. The end is definitely a surprise!

Deck the Halls (2005) (TV)
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A heart warming family Christmas film for all ages., 12 December 2005

It's wonderful to see a sentimental, funny, Christmas film with romance, Santa, elves and reindeer. For a change Christmas wasn't marginalized. In a way, it is reminiscent of "Miracle on 42nd Street". A perfect holiday movie for young and old alike. Great family experience. Loved the music. Actors Steve Basic and Josh Hayden's performance were touching. A great duo. The dog was funny-especially in the street hockey game. And Rudolph- I can't remember seeing him in a movie for a long time.Gabrielle was a bit harsh as a character, but in a typical Scrooge tradition. Inspiring message. Look forward to seeing it every year!

Secret Lives (2005) (TV)
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A modern homage to Hitchcock, 21 July 2005

Although modern in it's time frame, there is something haunting and unsettling from the opening scene, as in a classic Hitchcock movie of yesterday. Excellent performances by Daphne Zuniga and Duncan Regehr whose art work adds a lot of class to the movie. The cinematography is stylish and the music is haunting and first rate, more like you would hear in a cinema than on TV. The cops are not clever, but are they in Aruba? The twist in the end is a real shocker, and unexpected. Although the movie is definitely a Lifetime formula, what separates it is the style and performances, and a definite spooky atmosphere which is not often seen on TV. Finally, if you have ever been to the Pacific North West, this movie captures it beautifully and accurately. A classic!