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Soul Stirring Movie!, 22 March 2012

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"Schindlers List" is based on a true story in World WarⅡ, this film tells us a story about a German business man, Oscar Schindler, who tried to save more than one thousand Jews and other victims from the Nazi Germans.

Oscar Schindler used to live a luxurious life with great ambitions in his business. He was a devoted member of the Nazi party and was in close touch with the Nazi officers. The war provided him a good opportunity for his business, thus he wanted to get every possible benefit from it and decided to manufacture military need products. Just because the Jews are the lest costly labors available, they were brought to work for him. At first when his Jewish workers were killed by the soldiers, he was just angry because it made him lose money. One day, with the words "today is history", of Amen, the chief officer of the German troop, the holocaust began. The noise of machine guns was never stopped in that day. The blood of the Jews flooded the streets. Oscar Schindler, who was riding a horse in the wood, happened to see the killing from the hill. In the mess, he saw a Jewish girl running in the street. In this black and white film, only the girl was in red. This color makes her different. I think the director must indicate something to us. What does this color mean? Does it represent blood and anger of killing, or passion and hope of life? I kindly thought it was hope, but in the later part of the film, we saw the girl in red again among the bodies to be burnt. When I watched the film for the second time, I realize that had not for some good people like Schindler, no one can survive under the beast like Nazi. After seeing the holocaust, Schindler changed. He tried his best to save the Jews. He bought over 1000 lives from the devil. Through the long list with the type machine clicking, we see the light of hope again. In the final of the film, the war ended, and the picture turned to color again. The world is bright again. This is a movie worthies watching for everyone. We should never forget history. Keeping history in mind does not mean keeping hatred in heart and revenging, while forgetting history means betrayal to all humankind.

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Powerful and touching!, 22 March 2012

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"Eternal Sunshine" is a very clever film, where you have to think hard, particularly for the first half. The acting (and effects) are excellent. Because of the complexity of the plot, it was only in the second half that I began to (understand) and felt increasingly involved with what was going on.

Brilliant scenes on the beach, flashbacks, imagining childhood, running from erasing memories and at the doctor's. Another part of the film's brilliance was to make the science fiction of memory removal become totally believable. And the progression of the plot never lets up, with constant addition of new aspects right up to the end.

In contrast with some films where reality and fantasy are intentionally confused (which I generally find annoying) this film gives sufficient clues to help the viewer to identify the scenes which are reality from others that are flashbacks or imagination.

A lot of lessons on relationships - particularly the ultimate value of memories, even if they are painful.