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Leatherheads (2008)
Great concept just not well executed **Spoilers**
7 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the trailers for this film I was enthralled to see it. It looked like it would be a great film about the start of Professional football. What I found was a mediocre comedy about a has-been football player, Dodge, trying to hold on to his job & glory. When the league breaks down because of money woes, Dodge goes to an employment agency & is smacked in the face with the fact that he has no skills. All Dodge has known is football. He goes to speak to a "Money man" who has been managing the career of a star College football player & war hero, Carter Rutherford, to get Carter to play for their team from Duluth MN. Carter does bring much needed spunk back to the game. However, in the mean time is a mean mouthed Female reporter who is out to get Carter & learn the truth about his war record. Nothing is explained as to why the newspaper would do this to a man they don't even know. This is more along the lines of something Reporters would do today. Carter is a nice kid from a humble background & has energized the countries patriotism. Maybe this is like today - our news loves to kick the little guys. I digress. From the moment Lexie Littleton was on the screen... I hated her. Renee did not pull off the brash, no-nonsense reporters from films of that era. She was not likable in the least. She charms the kid Carter & gets him to confess his past to her. The kid opens up & tells her what really happened & that the "hero" story was blown up. She fights with her conscience for about 2 seconds & then writes the story to ruin his life, which back then it would have. Congress appoints a commissioner to investigate football because of the newspaper story about Carter. The Commissioner backs the newspaper because the "hero" admits that it's a lie. The whole scene is grotesque in that no one wins but the dishonest newspaper who told the kid a lie to get the story. Supposedly Lexie falls for Dodge - the loser football player. He has no redeeming qualities that most women would find appealing. He drinks a lot, gets in bar fights & has a job which will never support them. Has no job prospects & no money. Great catch for the depression era. I wish this film had focused on the history of football during this time & left the side stories out.
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I'm tired of Message Movies
9 November 2007
When is the Hollywood elite going to understand that the majority of America is tired of being preached at & talked down to. We don't go to movies to be sold the same dreg over & over that we get from NBC Nightly News & CNN. We want to be entertained. We are not stupid.. we know our government stinks which ever party is in power. We know they are out for the all mighty buck. Please give us entertaining movies that help us forget about the morons running our country. I don't care which Hollywood "Stars" you put in these types of movies.... they will not make money. Now I only wish people running the television shows would get the same message.
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Burn Notice (2007–2013)
Thrill Ride with a Twist
26 July 2007
This series is one of the best of the year. Michael Donovan is perfect as the Sparta## Ex-Spy turned good guy. I love watching him try to struggle through the emotions of his clients. His relationship with his mother is very strained however you can still see him struggle to not care about his family. Sharon Gless is fun to watch as his chain smoking meddling mother. She's hilarious. Bruce Campbell is a favorite of mine & fits in well with Anwar & Donovan. I'd like to see more from Anwar - I like the changes in accents & would like to see her do more. So far this show has been nothing but entertaining. Donovan can really keep your attention on his stories. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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On the Lot (2007– )
Some real Talent Here!
26 July 2007
I'm not completely blown away with this new Reality Series. However, I do like watching the films these new film makers come out with. Some of these guys really have talent. The films have been entertaining & obviously a lot of work has gone into them. The only thing holding this series back is... #1 the host - she's terrible. She brings nothing to the series & most of the time is flat. She is no Ryan Seacrest. #2 the judges - Carrie Fisher is most of the time... irritating.. She has gotten better toward the end of the series but for God's sake - please come up with better criticism then... I like you I think your talented I just didn't like the film. Then there is Garry Marshall - he definitely has the background but if I hear one more "It was _______ who said" Good grief man, do your kids roll their eyes every time? The guest judges have been the best part. Especially the ones who offer real criticism. Try this type of shot or rework the script because this line didn't work or your filming too close etc. Carri & Garry both need to listen to them more. On the whole I think this works. However, if they do another - get rid of the hostess & replace Garry or Carrie.
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Mad Men (2007–2015)
Great new series!
26 July 2007
This show is both entertaining & exasperating at the same time. The setting is the 1950's when men were men & women were objects for the men. Watching this film it's so hard to believe how far we have come in the work place. I enjoy seeing just how desensitized women were back then. Being told to show more leg because your boss would like you better? Great line. Plus the smoking in every office, bathroom & elevator. I loved the scene where the ad men are trying to figure out what to do about the Surgeon General's report on Tobacco kills people. Then the smokers cough that follows while they are all meeting on it. Priceless. The other scene which really sticks out in my mind is the main ad man assuming the head of the major department store is the man whose been working at the agency for years because he just can't bring his brain to realize the other person in the room, The Woman, could be the owner of a large business. Great work. Then the ad man gets mad at the woman because she has her own ideas on how to run her own company. This was one of the best moments in this series so far. I am so looking forward to the next one.
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Hairspray (2007)
Great Fun!
23 July 2007
This movie was a lot of fun to watch. The musical numbers were fun & carefree. Memorable performances were many. Michelle Pfeiffer outdid herself as the witch of a mother of the top contestant. I never knew that Christopher Walken was that talented. He held his own against John Travolta which was not easy considering. That brings me to John Travolta, it was a bit creepy watching him in drag but he was really good & pulled it off. Queen Latifa was entertaining not quite as good as Chicago but very well done. The only thing that keeps me from increasing my vote was all the civil rights stuff. For the times it was appropriate but the ending was too over the top. Today a black man kissing a white woman is fine but for that time... it would have caused a riot.
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Grey's Anatomy (2005– )
Good show
9 February 2007
Like the show & the cast. Except for Ellen Pompeo. She's too irritating. Amazing a show that is supposed to be centered around her is better without her. I'd rather watch scenes that don't include Meredith. Sandra Oh is brilliant as always... her character is driven, intelligent but yet very vulnerable. Love it. Katherine Heigl plays the perfect beautiful woman in a man's career who is usually overlooked because she is beautiful. She plays the character well. At first I didn't like Justin Chambers character but Dr. Karev has developed into a very interesting character & hope to see much more stories with him. I do like Patrick Dempsey's character. Dr. Sheppard is very sexy & entertaining. He seems to show charisma even when serious. Love the introduction after the first season of Kath Walsh. She's the woman you at first love to hate. In the second season she's become a well rounded character & fun to watch. Over all the series is good. I do think it could lose Ellen Pompeo & still be a great series. Truthfully of all the friends & family I know who watch regularly... NO one likes her.
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Dirt (2007–2008)
Good premise for a show!
11 January 2007
I liked the idea of this show but it's not showing me much out of Courtney. She's a bit dry on her acting. I want to see more emotion. My whole family watched the first 2 episodes & we all thought the same thing..... boring. I'd like to see more turmoil from Courtney's relationships - she's got a boss who'd like to see her fired but yet she's too emotionally detached from it. Some of the things he says would set off anyone even a man. Plus I would think she'd be a bit more ruthless in her dealings. She's a woman who's in a business that is very cut throat. The scene with Lucy showing the famous actress' husband a video of her making it with a co-star was boring. Although her husbands reaction was good. The photographer friend is the best part of this series - he's brilliant. I hope he sticks around through the whole series. I'm hoping there will be fireworks when the cheating sleazy athlete gets face to face with Lucy. On this whole I think this series has promise. I'll watch it for the photographer but not because of Courtney's character.
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The Producers (2005)
This definitely was one of the worse movies to date
5 January 2007
I had always heard great things about this movie & tried to watch it for myself. Unfortunately I couldn't get through the first hour. My husband and I sat for the night to watch a great comedy & instead looked at each other after the first 1/2 hour & said "This was critically acclaimed on Broadway?" But let me digress for a minute. Nathan Lane is a brilliant comedian, I've always liked his performances. He does do a good job here but some of the scenes just fall short. Maybe it works on the stage but not on the big screen. Matthew Broderick totally overacts - his performance is only irritating. I believe he forgot he wasn't on stage. His huge musical number in the Accounting office was way too long - we turned the channel & watched another show when it went on & on. I wanted to be able to reach into the television & slap him. Then we get to Will Ferrell - who generally overacts so I was used to it. This was the reason we kept watching because we are Will Ferrell fans. However, there was no chemistry between the characters. Stick to Broadway & the stage - please don't do this again.
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Dreamgirls (2006)
Move over Beyonce', here comes Jennifer Hudson
27 December 2006
I never thought I'd ever see someone that could push Beyonce' to the back of the room with singing. Jennifer Hudson blew Beyonce' out of the water. Her performance was breath-taking. Where has this girl been hiding? I understand she was passed over in American Idol. Simon Cowel?, you should be hiding your head. Whoever made the mistake on this one - shouldn't have a job anymore. This girls performance was magnificent. If the Academy doesn't nominate her - they should all be retired. The whole cast of this movie was good. The musical numbers were outstanding. Eddie Murphy outdid himself. He was funny & dramatic as James Thunder Early, James Brown character. The musical numbers were very good- they were done with feeling & made you feel good. Jennifer Hudson's solo staying goodbye to her lover & friends was moving - she brought tears to my eyes. I hope to see this girl move onto Broadway - she would pack the house. Go see this movie.
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Worse movie of 2006
2 November 2006
Dennis Quaid, Willem DeFoe, Hugh Grant & Marcia Gay Harden must have lost a bet. This is the worse movie I've seen in a long time. The scenes with Mandy Moore are completely over the top & not funny. The scenes at the terrorist camps are slapstick and stupid. If this were a movie made to make fun of the Bush Administration, it fell short. Obviously the writer of this junk thought it funny but it didn't work in the least. I'd be surprised that by the end of this film - there was one person left in the audience. I'm embarrassed for this wonderfully talented cast. Not sure if any of them actually read the script before shooting. Please guys make sure you read it more carefully next time!
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Great film - highly recommended
11 September 2006
I didn't know what to expect going into this film mainly because I'd heard virtually nothing about it. I am an Edward Norton & Paul Giamatti fan so thought I'd give it a whirl. I was very pleased that I did. This film was very well done. I loved the cinematic scenery, the filming was done to make you feel as if you were there. The colors were subdued & bright when the audience was viewing the court scenes. Paul Giamatti was brilliant as the Chief Inspector. You could tell from his performance that he was torn between his duty & the truth. Edward Norton, as ever, was also brilliant. His performance was powerful & breathtakingly real. Watching his do his sorcery was almost frightening. I could feel why the audience was aghast. The imagery throughout the film kep your attention. The countryside was beautiful. Jennifer Beals did an adequate job as the Duchess. However I couldn't wait to see more of Edward Norton or Paul Giamatti. I don't want to spoil any of the performances in this wonderful masterpiece. I only hope the Academy remembers these two men when handing down their nominations.
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Al Gore is a Hypocrite
7 September 2006
Where was his critique of democratic administrations as well as republican ones? After all he did serve for 17+ years in a body of government where his influence was unwaivering. Oh I forgot about the 8 years he was the 2nd in command of the most Powerful nation on Earth. The film is happy to show shots of a young Senator Gore asking why a NASA scientist was forced to change a conclusion in his scientific paper, but fails to ask about the complicity of Clinton/Gore in global warming. Probably too close to an election year, or maybe it would hurt the chances for Hillary in '08. Either way he's a political coward and party man to the bitter end. He offers no criticism of consumerism, no criticism of capitalism, no way to is the history of the industrial development which has led us to this point in time

In the end this film was much more about Mr. Gore himself than about any real problems our environment faces. Mr. Gore if you really wanted to make a campaign film - shorten it & call it what it really is.
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Don't bother with renting - go see the Manson family
23 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand why Hollywood can't get it through their heads that this is not a normal American family. In all my years I have never run into a more dysfunctional, mean spirited, judgmental family unit in my life. We start the story with the family gathering around to welcome their eldest son, Everett (Dermot Malroney) home with his new girlfriend, Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) home for Christmas. Immediately the audience hears the hate coming out of the youngest daughter, Amy(Rachel McAdams). Already the remainder of the family decides they do not like this new girlfriend (Meredith). Everett brings Meredith into meet his family & is happy to introduce her to them. The look of disdain on the families face is easy to spot & of course Meredith sees it as well. While talking to the mother, Sybil (Diane Keaton) in the living room - Sybil rolls her eyes constantly while Meredith talks about how she met Everett. I would hope that any other good American family would not treat a guest in their home with this much hate. This family would probably have turned Mother Teresa away. Meredith & Everett go up to take their luggage to their room & Meredith protests that she doesn't feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed with her "Unmarried" boyfriend in his parents home. She asks to sleep elsewhere. Which puts their youngest daughter, Amy out of her room. When I talk about youngest daughter I of course am referring to a girl of at least 21 - 24 years of age, but acts all of 12. Instead of the family understanding how any normal person might feel uncomfortable in these circumstances, they ridicule her. A big emotional eruption happens during Christmas dinner. Meredith asks Sybil to explain a comment she made about wishing all her sons were Gay like her youngest son, Thad. Meredith is trying to say that she doesn't understand why a parent would wish this situation on a child when the child would go through ridicule & cruelty in the world. The family erupts & yells at Meredith. Then the mother has to make the Gay son feel warm & cozy again, like he's 5. Didn't this kid ever get any flack out in the real world? He's deaf, gay & in a relationship with a gay Black man. Good thing he must have been raised at home & never went out into the real world. Meredith seems like she might be a person who could take a while to get to know, but this family doesn't even try. With the exception of Ben, (Luke Wilson) who seems to like everyone. Meredith feels so uncomfortable she moves out to a Bed & Breakfast. Soon she asks her sister Julie, (Claire Danes) to come help out. Meredith needs a friend. The problems however get worse when this family welcomes Julie with open arms but continues to give Meredith the cold shoulder. All the while all this is going one you find an underlying story. The mother seems to be ill. Of course this could be the reason for this families meanness - I hope there isn't another family like this. God help the guests. Things proceed on a predictable course when Everett finds himself more attracted to Julie then Meredith. Ben finds he's attracted to Meredith. So you can only imagine the rest of the story. The end warms up a bit after mom has died (oops). Don't worry you'll probably walk out long before this portion of the movie.
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Better than King Kong
23 December 2005
This movie was amazing. I recommend this to anyone. The story takes place around the time of WWII. Showing the Germans bombing of England. Parent heartbreakingly having to send their children into the country to keep them safe. The scene at the train station was done very well. I heard many of the women weeping in the audience. The children arriving in the country really showed the difference between the bombed out imagery & the quiet countryside. Very well done. The imagery in Narnia was breathtaking, the acting was superb & the plot made sense. My family saw this & King Kong. We all decided unanimously that this was a much better film. The little girl was spectacular. Her eyes were so expressive many times they told the story. The Queen was evil but beautiful a perfect casting. Azlan really took your breath away. The detail on all the animals was done to such detail you weren't sure which was really & which were not. I would not miss this beautifully done drama. Take your family & watch with amazement.
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King Kong (2005)
The Ape was Amazing
23 December 2005
Loved the ape in this movie. 1/2 the movie is really a non-miss. If you could get a 1/2 price ticket & go after the group reaches the island, you would have a thrill ride worth the cost. However, the first 1/2 of this movie stunk. Too many subplots that never went anywhere. Who was the old man Naomi Watts Character acted against. Who exactly was the kid on the boat & why should we care about him. What happened to the Captain after their captured Kong. Better yet... how exactly did they get Kong to the boat? & where did they store him. Overall the excitement on the island was breathtaking. The giant bug scene was thrilling & grotesque. Good job! The relationship between the boy & the 2nd mate was way overdone & stupid. It made no sense. I'd like to see Peter Jackson remake this film & leave out 1/2 of the first 1/2 of the movie. I would have liked to see more of the relationship between the girl & Kong. Please when released to video, either cut out the boy & 2nd mate or put scenes in that explain it better.
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Question the Critics
10 October 2005
I'm sorry I went into this film thinking that I would love it like all the critics views I read. However, this was one of the worse movies I think I've ever witnessed. It was boring & so over the top, I just couldn't get into it. Johnny Depp as always was good but the voice he used for Willy Wonka was irritating. It was to the point that at the end of the film I wanted to reach in & choke Willy Wonka just so I wouldn't have to hear the voice anymore. The coloring didn't make any sense either, he was always either green, blue or pale colored. Depended upon what scene he was in. He just looked sickly. He had absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I didn't see the need for the incredibly stupid flashbacks to his childhood. It made no sense in the picture & was irritating. The Umpahs were OK... I didn't like the singing because most the time we couldn't understand what they were singing about. I thought the kids were fairly good. I really liked this kid who played Charlie much better than the original... he was good. I've always been a fan of Tim Burton but I know he's done much better.
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Commander in Chief (2005–2006)
6 October 2005
Good supporting cast but very unbelievable. OK so there's a chance we could have a woman President. I concede that but I hate the fact that this candidate is supposedly squeaky clean. The one scene with Davis & Sutherland chokes of unbelief. We are to believe that any politician could get to the second most powerful spot in the most powerful country & not be seeking power? Please! Stop trying to make the country believe that it's possible for a woman to get elected because of Hillary watch. I believe one could be elected but don't like Hollywood to try and shove it down my throat. Any person regardless of gender has to be power hungry to go through what they do to get to this office. Whether Vice President, President or Senator - Power is the ultimate goal.
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Did critics see the same film I did?
3 October 2005
Is this a joke? This movie was rated in many newspapers, magazines & television shows as possibly being an Oscar contender. Did I miss something? Did the critics really see the same film I did? You know the movie is bad when 1/2 the audience breaks out in laughter at the most dramatic moments. When I first sat down with my husband, I saw that the theater was crowded. You saw your usual late comers craning their necks for a seat. The movie begins & starts out very entertaining. This film had no plot & the acting was very forced. The sex scenes were a complete joke, hence the laughing from the audience. Maria Bello is too good an actress to be in this film. William Hurt has to be embarrassed. Please don't go see this film. You will waste your money. Message to Hollywood: Stop paying off your critics, make a good film.
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One of the greater boxing movies! Please don't miss it.
29 June 2005
Russel Crowe was outstanding. He really brought this character to life. The visual look at how far this family fell during the depression was incredible. We today have no idea what our parents & grandparents went through. Ron Howard really brought this to home with the lines outside the shipyards & the lines waiting to get go on the dole. Excellent job! The only thing I was disappointed in was Renee. She looked a bit too Roxie Heart to me. In the beginning that was all I could see & hear. She made me think of that character. I did think however that she & Russell have good chemistry together. I however was more focused on his character throughout the film. I also was impressed with the kids. They did a great job playing off the parents. I believe Russell as the parent more than Renee.

I also was very impressed with Paul Giamatti's character. He played the rich hustler/promoter very well. It was a shock to find that he was essentially as poor as the Braddocks. You could tell he really believed in Braddock.

Bruce McGill was very compelling as the rich promoter. He played the jerk very well.

My favorite part in the film was when Braddock went to Johnston & the rest of the rich promoters begging for money to put the electricity back on. It really showed the lack of empathy on the part of the people who had against the people who didn't.

The only other part I was unsure of was the Max Baer character. Was he really so brash & mean? I kind of looked at this as the way boxers are. Look at the way Mahommad Ali & Mike Tyson have acted when trying to promote fights.

Good film - great fight - great suspense.....
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Bewitched (2005)
Kidman fell to the Oscar Curse
29 June 2005
What happens to these extremely talented actors who win Oscars early in their career & then go no where. This has happened unfortunately to Nicole Kidman. She is extremely talented but seems to have lost her way. Please Nicole find someone who can read scripts & find the flaws. Will Ferrell is also cursed. He's got the S&L curse. Personally I don't find him very talented. I get very tired of the same roles over & over. The loud obnoxious idiot. Surely he can do a better job than this. He's just not funny at all in this. These two have no chemistry together. This was as bad a fit as Nicole & Matthew Broderick in Stepford Wives. Nicole stick with the classier movies - they fit you better. Will stick with the Oddball comedies. I'm sure Adam Sandler will make one soon.
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Stop the REMAKES
3 June 2005
Please Hollywood stop the remakes. Your not good at them. This is another example of a classic Hollywood movie ruined by the New Hollywood & actors who can't pull it off. I like Adam Sandler but would like to see him in better scripted movies. Adam aren't you tired of playing the same roll over & over? The script was bad, the dialog even worse. Chris Rock needs to either get acting lessons or stay out of cinema. He's never been able to carry a movie & the chemistry between he & Sandler doesn't exist. There were very few actual laughs just goofy comedy & scenes already played on television. Don't' waste your money.
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Sahara (2005)
Hollywood - Please stop making movies from Books
25 April 2005
Please, please, please stop making movies from books. You never get it rights & you almost always ruin it. Take Sahara, what actually happened to the story??? I'm very confused. Dirk Pitt & Al Giordino are treasure hunters??? Did these people actually read any of Clive Cussler's books? Apparently not! A huge part of the plot in the book was completely missing from this movie. If you wanted to do that to one of his books why not start out with a simpler one. How about one of his early books. I hope you don't think this will work as a series. You've already ruined it for me & any other fan of Clive. Please quit trashing good literature.
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Boring! Boring! Boring!
25 April 2005
I wonder if some of these people who are commmenting are actually unemployed critics or being paid by the film industry. This was an awful film. Very unbelievable. No chemistry between the main characters. Sometimes when I read some of the other critiques I wonder just what film they did see. Ashton Kutcher is not, I repeat Not!! a leading man. He just can't pull it off. OK, OK I do have to give him some kudos for "The Butterfly Effect" But I think the direction he received in that film kept him from acting the usual Doofus Character (70's Show). Unfortunately for this film, the director missed the boat & let it out. Come on People, this movie stunk.
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A fun movie to watch
25 October 2004
Whether your Democrat or Republican this movie is worth seeing. It makes fun of everyone. I especially love the way they make fun of the loud mouths in Hollywood. Just to see all the puppet characters spouting their ridiculous tripe & then shown for the loud mouthed hot aired idiots they really are was worth the cost of the ticket. This movie was very clever & funny. Even with the cuss words, which worked, & the sex scene, I would recommend this to any adult looking for a good laugh & a good time.

Many people have claimed this is an attack against George Bush. I think it was a criticism against all of Washington. It criticized all of Washington's idea that America is the "World Police" Washington has had this attitude since Roosevelt. Let's not forget Vietnam, Korea, Samolia, Cosivo, Haiti, Phillipines, etc. We will always take on that role & it doesn't matter who sits in the White House.
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