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Loved it when I was a kid., 28 March 2004

A cornball movie. Obviously someone was trying to find a vehicle for Robert Hegyes post Kotter. The appeal of this film was simple. First, Lisa Hartman looked great in it. As a sixteen year old, I of course loved the scene on the beach where she removed her top, not that you could see much. The scenery of Maui was fantastic, and the songs were by England Dan and John Ford Coley, which were good tunes if you like that stuff. The producers made maximum use of the town of Lahaina, as well as many of the best spots in Maui. Jack Lemmon's son Chris wasn't too believable as a bad guy, but then who would believe much of this film about teens who rob hotel rooms while the occupants are down at the pool. Simple teen fun. All in all, it is just another teen flick with some silly situations and action, punctuated by Lisa Hartman looking good, and good use of the locale.