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Welcome to Bad Surge's Movie Hitlist of the Future. Have you seen one of these soon to be released (or currently released) features? Were you somehow able to notice that I've left off an upcoming film? Leave a comment below. [Previously: "2012+ Hitlist: Movies to Watch if We Survive December"; "2013+ Hitlist: Movies To Watch Since We Survived 2012"; "2014+ Hitlist: Movies to Watch Since We Keep Surviving"; "2015+ Hitlist: Movies To Watch Since Why The Hell Not?"; "2016+ Hitlist: Movies To Watch Since Movies Can Be Good"]
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Horror films, and all horror sub-genre films, that I must see or own.

Once I view 'em, they get shipped to Bad Surge's Movies That Are Good list. Unless they suck.

Do you know of a hard to find, lesser known horror flick not on the list!?
For God's sake. comment about it below!
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A list of documentaries that sound worthwhile.

Is there a powerful documentary that you love than I didn't include!? Comment below!
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TV shows, both upcoming and long since passed, that I'd like to watch. Or at least see an episode or two.

Is there a show not listed that you love?
Pop over to my other list: "Bad Surge's TV (& such) That's Good"
If you don't see your favorite show there either, feel free to berate me in the comment section.

Have you seen one of the shows on this list?
Tell me what you thought about it!
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The loveliest ladies in the acting community, of whom I am familiar or can remember.

Is there an earthbound, cinematic angel that I've insulted by leaving off of this list?
Tell me in the comments below!

Obviously, these beautiful ladies are in no order.
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A few actors to whom I believe are worthy of paying attention.

I'm generally aiming for younger actors for this list, namely because I expect to see their careers evolve over a long period of time.

If there's a talented actor I've done the disservice of leaving off, then comment on the board.
The actors are in no order.
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Self-explanatory. What are your favorite games? Comment below!
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Welcome to Bad Surge Production's Good List of Good Movies.

If they're good, and I've seen 'em (and remember them), they're here.

"How dare he call this a list of good movies but have the nerve to leave off _____!"
Fill in the blank in the comment section below!

Got an opinion on one of these flicks?
Good or bad, comment below!

At some point I will write reviews and will need this:

PS: The list is in no order.
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A list of short films that I've decided I need to see.

Some I have, and I'm leaving them on the list for you.
You're welcome.

Return the favor by mentioning what you thought about them in the comment section below!

Is there a short, long or short, that I didn't include!
List it below!
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A list of films that I didn't completely hate (in fact some of them I kind of like) but I could've loved them. If they're on this list then, in my opinion, they fell depressingly short of the mark.

SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS in certain description sections.

This list is in no order.
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Welcome to Bad Surge's list of shows that don't suck.

I recommend each of these wholeheartedly, but bear in mind that some shows aren't for everyone.

What show aren't I watching!?
If I'm ignoring a favorite of yours, tell me what it is and why it's awesome in the comment section below!

And, no, the list is not in any order.
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TV shows that were too short lived or under appreciated. Who am I forgetting!? Tell me in the comments!
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A list of films that sound like garbage. IMO.

I haven't seen any of them yet. Some of these movies look to be atrocious, but some sound so bad that they might be cult classics one day.

One man's garbage is another man's treasure, so don't take it personal if one of your favorites is on this list. Some bad movies are fun to watch.

Know about a movie that sounds stupid that I didn't list?
Leave a comment!
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A collection of films I watched from beginning to end, and ultimately despised.
Some of them had their moments, but overall they weren't good movies.

Is there another celluloid turd of which you know that I didn't list!?
Are you a fan of any of these stinkers?
Or do you dislike them as well?
Comment below!

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Nostalgia nuggets that I can remember.
It has warmed my heart constructing this list.

But it's been frustrating trying to remember all of these shows. I still have a few foggy memories I can't associate to a specific show.

If there's a classic from your childhood that I forgot, mention it in the comments below!

And, as always, this list is on no order! At all!
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A list of flicks from the Far East.

I've tried to only include action (specifically martial arts action).

Know a better kung fu flick than the ones I listed?
Is one of these films more gun than fist?
Comment below!
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List name says it all. Cream of the crop when it comes to villains. In absolutely no order.
AHOY! Here There Be Spoliers!

Dammit! This list would be MUCH more comprehensive if I could actually find all of the characters on the site, but I have to pick and *beep* choose which ones IMDb allows me to find. Jesus!