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Painfully Awful, 15 December 2014

Rory Scovel is one of the most brilliant comedians working today. I have had the blessed opportunity to see him live and he is a non-stop tour de force as a comedian. Coming to this show with an expectation of any kind that you will get some sort of Scovel magic, I was sorely disappointed. I was so glad that Rory had found a show to work on and now I am just sad that his talent is being wasted on this garbage.

This show basically is the show that Lisa Kudrow is mocking on The Comeback. A nonsense show that cheapens sex and humanity by giving it no soul or value. It also cheapens what it thinks of its audience by believing they are foolish enough to want this drivel.

In the age of Top of the Lake, The Sopranos, The Wire, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, House of Cards, True Detective (I could go on and on) ... it is difficult to believe a show this bad could actually still exist, much less warrant a second season.

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Vulgar, Sophomoric, The Worst of our Culture, 5 May 2014

I am sure this show is trying to reflect our culture, but the writing is terrible and insulting to humanity. We have come so far and there are so many amazing television programs out there, it is disturbing to see something this senselessly vulgar and distasteful on early TV. Makes me shiver just to think of the child that might flip past this terrible show and see the crassness that is on nowadays. The poor unemployed talented writers in Hollywood could do so much better. This show insults all that I love about life. The actors are all good too, which makes the show all the more painful. I think that the actors would be better suited for a different premise as they are not comedic actors - really. I think that non-laugh track could help in some ways. Honestly though, this feels like throwaway jokes from Scary Movie scripts. I cannot take it! It hurts.

Spanglish (2004)
Was this film a colossal bomb or what?, 18 February 2006

I think that the movie is decent, it definitely has its moments. But I think it worked a wee too hard at approaching in communicability with the audience. The Spanish lead looks and speaks just like Penelope Cruz, so that is obviously a bonus. I just don't really understand the point of the film. When did the rich Chef ever hook up with the broken wife, when were their good times? How did their mother become an alcoholic and move in with them. Why is the daughter of this train-wreck of a mom such a great little girl. What the heck? Why did this movie cost $75 million to make? And $45 million more for production ads? What a bomb, they spent more promoting it than they even made, I think it was all on Sandler's salary, who I just don't get as an actor. He has yet to prove himself as he did in "Punch Drunk Love."

Hostel (2005)
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Why is it enjoyable to watch torture?, 8 February 2006

There is only a few sparse minutes of intense chase that make the thrill in this movie endurable. Otherwise it is left up to the perverse minds of Hollywood to put the audience through as much pornography 2006 will allow (a surprising amount) and as much gory torture we can take (after many CSI episodes, that is also quite a bit). I don't get what is so great about strapping a hapless victim into a seat and slowly watching them get mutilated. This passes as a "story," a "plot," a reason to watch a "film." It's as though we appreciate this because it is perverse. How many more low budget horrors do we have to endure until we come across another bona fide gem like The Exorcist or Carrie, or even Rosemary's Baby. Spend time being creative, using truth mixed with mythology to capture our imaginations and make us question the very essence of fear, belief and terror and why we have that in our consciousness in the first place. Don't just put flesh on display as something to consume and destroy, that's just plain cheap, like the price tag for your "film."

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The Finest Hour On Television, 12 January 2006

I do not own a TiVo and find no need to have "a show" that is "mine" and I watch weekly, that is until "Grey's Anatomy" came along which in my humble opinion is the finest hour on television each week. I never thought I'd be so let down by a show not being on during its scheduled slot, but when there's no "Grey's" Sunday night I feel let down and sad. I love all the characters, their diverse style and the writing is fabulous. I think that T.R. Knight is the best of the bunch and that Sandra Oh is a close 2nd, but they are all fantastic to watch and I'm intrigued with each story line. The drama is intense, and since I'm not a fan of "CSI" or "ER" I couldn't believe how captivated I was by this show, I don't know what they're doing differently, I only know there's something real and special to this show and I think mostly because of good people like Mr. Knight as well as others. I can't wait to see where they are going to take these characters, it is so fun to watch them work their asses off while I relax and eat my popcorn, thanks for a great show ABC! Now if only they'd switch timeslots with the cruddy show before "Grey's" so people could see where the real quality is at, that would be priceless!~

Sweet Land (2005)
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Excellent film from a new talent in Hollywood, Hurray!, 8 March 2005

This film is marvelous, I was able to have a sneak peak as a student here at the U of M because my teacher (Tom Pope) actually aided in the screenplay of this wonderful debut. Avoiding all the clichés of a typical Hollywood romance, this one doesn't go strait for the tear ducts but if it doesn't warm those puppies up by the end than you're a heartless person. Excellent cast, story and directing, I cannot wait till this is out there for the public. There was a Q&A afterward with the director (Ali) and the producers, and it was so interesting to hear and see their processes in their own words, wonderful men who deserve all the success in the world with this film, a great movie for all ages, truly original and moving.