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A list of actors that could be great in a Fablehaven movie.
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A list of potential actors for a reboot AND REAL EFFORT at doing the series right. Featuring several young actors that are the correct ages for the cast, as well as actors of Greek heritage for the authentically greek figures.
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A cast for Rick Riordan's The Kane Chronicles. Just like my Percy Jackson list, this features actors of the appropriate ages and nationalities.
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This is the cast for the second book of the series I am writing. It has been about six months and the Star Keepers return to stop Compuzon's forces from unearthing an ancient time machine.
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This is a list of 35 of my picks for the cast of my book "Star Keepers Covenant." The story follows a group of heroes as they fight to protect a set of five gems from falling into the wrong hands in the middle of a massive galactic war.
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These are my picks for a live action Naruto series.