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*** with respect to catojune-1 and his/her great idea ( )

All you need to do is vote for the ones you think are the best.

Rules :
1.Everybody can vote only one time
2.You vote for 10 directors.
3.Directors you consider #1 will get 12 points,#2 will get 10 points #3 will get 8 points #4 gets 7 points all the way to #10 with 1 point
4.Voting will last until the end of year.
5.In the end my plan is to collect all the votes and create a list of TOP 100 Directors according to IMDB users for 2012. (it's going to be picture list that will start with director that is on #100 spot and finish with director that is on #1 spot)

*** Pictures are not in order and not important.
so you can vote everyone you want.

Following this:
#1.Director No 1
#2.Director No 2
#3.Director No 3
#4.Director No 4
#5.Director No 5
#6.Director No 6
#7.Director No 7
#8.Director No 8
#9.Director No 9
#10.Director No 10

If you decide to vote please do it in a way I did it above.
If you vote for less than 10 directors your votes will not count.
If you vote for more than 10 directors only first 10 will be counted.

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Nolan is top but rest of the list are not in order.