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The Talk (2010– )
Firing of Leah and Holly
6 October 2011
I didn't know Leah and Holly had been fired. I kept watching and there were different people. At first I thought Leah and Holly were on vacation or an assignment but when I found out they were never coming back and were actually fired! I stopped watching. Julie is annoying and the only reason that dumb show Big Brother is still on is because she's married to the boss. I don't know a soul who watches it. Now Julie has ruined the talk by firing two of the best host, because Sarah's too quiet, Sharon to whiny and Julie's just a plain snobby bore. They need to take the show off the air along with Big Brother. Leah was always funny and opinionated and so was Holly. They made the show.
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I Dream of Jeannie (1965–1970)
Poorly written
25 October 2009
No IDOJ's misfortune was it tried to copy a much better show...Bewitched. IDOJ aired a year after Bewitched but was cancelled 3 years before Bewitched. That's because people didn't fall for the pretty dumb blonde in a mini dress doing slap stick. They preferred better writing and story lines from a pretty smart blonde who seemed to care about people. Bewitched had better characters and touching story lines that nearly everyone can remembers. I can't remember one good episode of IDOJ. Yes Jeannie was pretty but the show didn't even compare to the writing in the Munsters. I still like watching IDOJ because it takes me back to the 60's, but I prefer Bewitched. I love Samantha, Tabitha, both Darrins, Endora, Aunt Clara, Paul Lynne, the Tates and the Cravaths.
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1992 was the best WH movie
30 September 2008
I think the 1992 movie with Ralph Fiennes was best Wuthering Heights movie. I rented the 1939 movie because I had never seen it, but to me it wasn't as romantic. I never read the book, but I became really interested in Emily Bronte after seeing this movies. I first saw it on Bravo a few years ago. They ran it all month, and I tape it. Now I watch it often, especially when there's nothing else on TV. I did not know that they were making another Wuthering Heights movie until, I saw something about Lindsay Lohan may play Catherine. I thought whether it will be as good as this one made in 1992. Maybe because I like Ralph Fiennes so much.
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