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Great movie., 13 October 2013

Excellent cast, scrip and acting (yes, acting). You can't expect Sly and Arnie to play Shakespeare, and they won't. They are meant to kick ass and that's what they do.

The story goes by smoothly and fast. Dialogues and sequence are really well written. Main characters bring you in the movie and Jim Caviezel is great as the villain. So is Vince Jones and the rest of the characters.

This isn't for everyone but I can't believe this movie is flying so under the radar. What a shame. This is old school, action packed thriller.

Good Deeds (2012)
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Nothing new, 18 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I must I did enjoy the first 30 min of this movie. Good acting and the story even thou it didn't seem like nothing new, it had potential but that fell short after they didn't do much to develop the story on most of the characters. I did think Tyler Perry did a good job in this one, but towards the end, no actor could save the predictable and embarrassing morale of this story.

If you're home in the afternoon, had your wisdom teeth taken off and there's NOTHING else going on on TV, you'll probably enjoy a scene or two in this movie, but there's nothing new/special or surprising in it.

Thanks for reading.

Retreat (2011/I)
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Great acting and solid script, 10 August 2012

The story is quite simple and the storyline given on this website sums it up well. Anything else I write about it can give away important pieces of the story, so I will stay away from that.

What I can say is that even thou it has a short cast, and it's not a very long movie, the script is pretty solid and the acting is really really good. The scenery is also great, the dialogues aren't over done and the pace in which the events happen, keep you wondering the whole movie.

Other than 1 or 2 dragging moments, this movie kept my attention the whole time and I think most people, fans of the genre or not, will also be satisfied.

This movie was really entertaining and I recommend it 100%, especially if you're looking for some sort of "end of the world/psychological thriller" movie to watch.

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Waste of time., 28 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a waste of time. Very annoying sound throughout the whole movie and the acting isn't good at all. Maybe you won't agree but I find it really annoying that all the main character can do is cry the whole movie. Really awful excuse for a terrible script and lack of dialogue.

---- spoiler ----

This might be posed as a horror thriller but there is nothing supernatural or horror per say in this movie. Just another silly "I was traumatized for something that happened on my childhood" story with no depth at all and you'll understand the plot after the first dialogue (poorly written one). Again, it's just a waste of time and the ending is even more disappointing than the rest of it.

Good: Almost nothing. Some interesting scenario and camera work but that's all.

Bad: Everything? Bad acting, very annoying sound (really really annoying and no explanation at all to it other than make you mad), weak story and development. I don't feel like watching anything else from the people involved in this movie.

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