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A Great Historical Record
23 March 2004
Perhaps in some distant future time, archeologists from another world will happen upon the cinder that was once Earth and find a copy of Arise! still in playable condition. And perhaps those alien beings from the future will also have adopted VHS as the home video tape standard over Betamax, just as the Merehums had, and will have a tape deck handy to watch it on. Under those circumstances the extraterrestrial archeologists will come to understand what had happened to planet Earth on July 5, 1998; The Prophecy of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, the Final Celebration of the Subgenii, The Coming of the Xist Ships, The Whisking Away of The Faithful, The Return to Pick Up Some Forgotten Luggage, The Re-Whisking Away, and finally, The Destruction of Earth and the Merehums.

Or perhaps not. But in any event, YOU can PRETEND to be those alien archeologists, and PRETEND to have found the only playable copy of Arise!, and once more PRETEND to unravel the mysterious demise of Earth Farm One.

By the way, the $9000 copy of Arise! comes with a bucket of complementary hot wings, I think.

P.S. Arise! is not for rent, so forget about making copies. That would be bad and wrong.
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