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Quarantine (2008)
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worst movie, 28 January 2009

This movie was awful! I had to fast forward most of it in order to spare myself, and just have it be over already. The acting was okay, but the main character is annoying. I must have said, "this movie is retarded" at least 18 times within the first hour...and it never gets better. I love to watch horror movies, and usually find myself quite entertained with them, but this is a disgrace to the movie industry. Two things need to happen: First-these directors need to stop being lazy, and get their own ideas; secondly, if they are going to remake a movie...don't use one thats only been out a year, and has the worst plot ever to begin with.

don't waste your time with this trash.

Saw II (2005)
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read this, 30 October 2005

At the end of the movie i was clenching my fist. THen the movie ended and the saw 1 theme song came on(when guy stood up) and then the movie was over. I just wanted to punch my self in the face. that movie was friggen amazing. Ending still surprising. Whole way home i thought of the movie and other outcomes. I wish i could take out my memory to this movie just to watch it again and have the same experience as i did now. 10 out of 10. best movie of the year. This movies is definitely more gory then the first, but i still think that saw 1 has a more surprising ending then this one. THe only other movie that has a better ending then saw is The Usual Suspects. Everyone must see this. Its definitely top 250 material. Hopefully they will make a saw 3 :)

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Must See!, 24 December 2004

When i think of a movie that is in its own category. The first thing i think of is Requiem for a Dream. I wish it was #1 on the top 250 movies of all times list. It is a great movie and it shows the consequences of drug use and what happens when u sell it. The camera work has to be the best. This should have been in the theaters too bad it went straight to video. I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a movie to watch, rent or buy. Every actor is great in this movie and i wish the outcome was different but the outcome that happened, happened for a reason and it really makes you think. IF you are trying to find a good down to earth anti drug movie for your children definitely pick this one up.