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This is a collection of the greatest films that I have ever seen. Instead of putting the movies in some rank or order of preference, which would be very difficult, the following are simply added to the collection as I view and experience them.
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These animated features are my 25 most favorite of all time.
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This personal and opinionated list comprises a group of magnificent women actresses. In my opinion, they are the most talented actresses. These women are significant and important to me because the characters they portray in movies impacted my life. They are not in any specific order, however they are listed alphabetically by their first name.
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My ranking is formulated by my personal perception of each actor which includes: talent, style, attractiveness, and sex appeal. I also take into consideration the actors' popularity with the general public. There are many sexy actors from the past that are unfortunately no longer with us, however in this particular ranking, it was decided to include only those actors who are living.
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This is an listing of the most talented actresses according to my own observations. While making this listing, I researched to find the actresses who work hard yet truly enjoy what they do. I took into consideration the movie roles that were played by each actress as well as the number of movies they had taken part in. When audiences watch a movie, they want the story grasp their attention and take them away, therefore actresses must use their talent to make their roles captivating. Women who took on different types of acting challenges and were willing to go above and beyond to make their roles extraordinary was a big factor in deciding the rankings. To illustrate a current listing of talented actresses I decided to not include any women who have deceased.