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think the first 6 are in order then it goes by color.
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Just most of the shows I've watched
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This is my list of horror/thriller movies.

I like movies that don't have a lot of blood and gore. I prefer thriller movies :)
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Born in the late 90s, I didn't watch some of this stuff till I was older, I have lot's more but they're not my childhood since I wasn't even born yet.

non cartoons and stuff.

here is my cartoon list -
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It's just the top 10 that's in order really.

If there was no sequels then some movies would be up.

I rushed this list, it will be changing all the time as my favorites swtich a lot :)
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These are just the ones I own :)

I got lazy around 100.. this is my longest list EVER.

This list is such a mess, I will fix it tomorrow..
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non animated movies
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90s kid
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