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Unless the film is dire, I'd pretty much watch anything with these girls in it.
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To start, the game has to grab my attention.

Then, it takes a lot of my easily interrupted brain to make me want to finish it.

To actually go onto complete a game and be happy I did, that's very rare indeed.

Here are all of the games (in no particular order) that have created an experience for me that I still remember.

You'll probably see a trend with me and sequels I think.
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I've tried to keep this list to movies that given a choice, I will always watch again.

There are several movies that are similar that I've not put on the list, or where I like the director, maybe even liked their freshman effort more, but felt that their movies are too similar and instead I've just put the movie that I rate the highest, or feel the freshest of the bunch.

Currently a list in progress