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I am a TV series junkie!!!
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Watching series is my hobby! I don't have a specific genre... I watch almost anything that seems interesting, starting from musicals to drama to violence to anything and everything *smirk*
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I am not ranking them... these are some romantic movies I really liked :) Some of these may not be a typical romantic movie but the chemistry was amazing so I included those in this list too
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EITHER I was bored to death after watching these movies OR I was thinking WTF in my head seeing the horrible story line OR I was LMFAOing after watching the incredibly bad acting/expressions!!!

Some of these movies are actually pretty good in terms of graphic, acting etc BUT I simply didn't find these movies interesting....
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This is actually a very long list but what can I say... I am addicted to watching series!!!!! muhahahahaha :D
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I watched all these movies in the theater
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Utterly funny or boring or NOT SCARY AT ALL *yawn yawn*
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