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I'm trying to watch the Best Picture nominees and winners. Some aren't easy to find, and some I've put off watching due to severe lack of interest, but here are the ones I've seen so far.
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A list of the performances I've seen, along with the film the actor was nominated for. A chronological list. If I only saw one performance from a specific year, I will denote it with an *. If I skipped one or more years due to not seeing any of the nominees during a particular year, I'll denote that lapse in time with a %.
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A chronological (in terms of Award years) list of the Best Actress performances I've seen. Occasional commentary provided. Enjoy!! Note: If there is a year in which I only saw one of the nominated performances, I will place an * in the description box of the one performance I've seen.
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A list of all horror films I own. In no particular order. Readers of this list might be surprised that there are no Nightmare on Elm Street films listed, but that's because I accidentally left the set at my old place and haven't yet replaced it. But I've seen every film in that series.
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A list of nominated and winning performances that I've seen.
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Only includes the winners/nominees I've seen, and in chronological order of award year. If I put an *, it means that the performance listed is the only one I've seen that year. If there is a %, it means I skipped a year or more because I hadn't seen any of the performances.