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Growing up I never really cared for nickelodeon too much I always favored Cartoon Network but nonetheless Nickelodeon had great shows that were fun to watch but like Cartoon Network Nickelodeon has gotten very *beep* and this is the order of my favorite Nickelodeon shows.
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My favourite DC Superhero
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I'll put it in order at the end of the year.
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I'll rank them at the end of the year
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When you hear the Friday the 13th movie series you think of Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th belongs to Jason & not mrs. Voorhees or some ambulance driver. So with 12 movies (soon to be 13) movies in the series & Jason as the killer in 10 of them.
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I'm not much of a Freddy fan. I'm more of a casual fan who enjoys movies from multiple franchises than rather being loyal to just one. Freddy isn't my favorite slasher but he's probably in the top 5 #4 maybe behind Jason at #3, Chucky at #2 & Michael at #1
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Now the Halloween franchise dates back to the late 70's starting with the classic Halloween by the one & only John Carpenter then spawning 7 sequels (6 sequels if you count only the Halloween movies with Michael, & out of all of those 6 sequels only 4 I enjoyed watching. Then 2 remakes with only 1 being good. Also the sequel Halloween 3 which gets ungreatfully *beep* on it was really good. So anyway these are my thoughts & opinions on the Halloween series & ranking so share your thoughts & opinions & how you'd rank them if you want.
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Like 90-95% of all people in the world I'm a huge Star Wars fan, I love the movies & keep in mind PLEASE I CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH THIS IS MY OPINION.
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In my opinion this is how I'd put the Harry potter franchise. Personally I don't hate any of them, I love them all it's just some were more entertaing & done better than others. Harry Potter is my 3rd favorite franchise behind the Star Wars & James Bond franchises.