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Yet another Homolka, 11 August 2004

And here we are again. Just the word "Homolka" must ring the bell for those, who know a bit about the Czech cinema. This movie certainly belongs to the hall of fame of Czech movies.

If you have not seen any of this trilogy, you might find this movie incredible silly and could call it a flick but the same I thought of Austin Powers after watching the first part. Boy, did I change my opinion with the other two parts...

As mentioned above, this movie might be for "fineschmeckers" only but trust me, if you watch it without a prejudice's opinion and just go with the flow of it, only then you have a chance of real appreciation of Papousek's work.

Give it a try, but for most of the foreigners I'd recommend rather to stay away. Too much Czech mentality without much of a plot.

I say 6 out of 10 for its simplicity.