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Horrible Horrible Movie, 10 March 2012

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I just got back from watching this movie. I really regret not watching The Vow.

Lets start with the positive, her dad was a very good looking young guy. I remember thinking "Damn, he is hot. straight fire...who ever did the casting in this movie sucks," Because no dad I know looks that good.

A few mins later, a second hot guy shows up and hits on her. Turns out he is her... uncle. Gross. (Nobody has attractive uncles. Cousins on the other hand everyone has a hot cousin.)

Then for the next 60 mins she runs around the house panting breathing heavily. During this time, I was trying to figure out if they moved out why they didn't take any of their stuff. Who in the world does that? Not my parents.

I was waiting for Jason's little brother. Somebody...anything. You know what I got a freaking blur of what looked like a man.

Then a bleeding toilet.

For the finale, DISAPPOINTMENT

Very mad it rain and I chose to see this movie.