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"Sense8" (2015)
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Excellent, gripping thriller, 8 June 2015

Yes, the series, to some might seem really slow to start, but it actually contains a ton of action, and if there's one word to describe the action, it is "unique."

This series does an excellent job of portraying the concept of "we're different people, but the same," if that makes sense. The actors do a fantastic job.

The stories of the 8 people might at first seem really disconnected, but later, all their stories intertwine making for a marvelous experience that I absolutely love.

Sense8 is truly one of the best series I've ever seen, it's gripping, emotional, and well written and acted, while delivering a very strong message I've never seen anyone ever really talk about, that feeling of self-loathing, that people, especially homosexuals, feel. The need to fit in, and the series does a wonderful job of telling you that the violence people direct toward others isn't nearly as bad as the violence we direct toward ourselves. While the series delivers this message to the LGBTQ+ community, it can also be directed at anyone. It's a touching message that everyone should learn at some point in their lives.

But just because this series does have that in it, doesn't mean it's entirely about that, because it's not. It's about 8 people, who feel and see everything each others do, and how they are always there for each other, and through teamwork, can accomplish anything.

A lot of the series that I absolutely love got canceled, and to be honest, I would be so heartbroken if such a marvelous series got canceled after only one season.

Rent (2005)
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Excellent, until the end, 28 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sorry for spoiling the ending, but it's really the only complaint I have about the movie.

Before I start, this is, without a doubt, one of the best musicals I've ever seen, with great actors and beautiful, awesome music, but the ending, while not horrible, wasn't the best, for these reasons.

It seemed a little drawn out. There were several instances where I thought the movie would end; the screen would blacken, and then boom! Another song? Not that that's a bad thing, just appeared to be drawn out a bit.

The other thing, is there was a death. When Angel died, sure it seemed sad, but I never really got to know him. Okay, he's transgender, and has a relationship with one of the main characters. That's about all we know about him. It might have been implied he's a bit of a dancer for money (near the beginning of the movie), but we don't know anything about him, really, or for that fact, anything about many of the characters, therefore when Angel died, sure it was sad, but I just didn't really feel too much, just a bit sad.

Since I'm on the topic of death, here's the main reason why it went from 10/10 to 9/10. Angel died, and then Mimi goes missing. Of course they find her, and then the movie does the "She appears dead, but actually isn't for some reason" cliché. When she appeared dead, sure I wondered if she was actually going to die, but I was rolling my eyes because just like, minutes before that Angel died. I wasn't sad when Mimi appears to be dead, I was actually like, "Come on. I'll be pretty mad if two characters die in a row."

Just a little thing, but the ending was also so confusing. So much happened. We never really got to mourn too much over Angel, and how did he die, exactly? So much happened I don't even know how he died, so while his funeral was going on, that question was going on through my mind.

Anyway, enough with my complaints. All these things were at the end of the movie, but the rest of the movie, the movie as a whole, was excellent. I absolutely love it, and highly recommend it!

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Excellent series!, 22 June 2014

This is the best TV series I've ever seen, because it can be relatable to many people, especially if you're gay. Even if you're straight, I think it's a great way to trying to understand the daily struggles that a lot of gay people go through on a daily basis.

It's not just relatable of you're gay, but with so much going on, from suicide, to love problems, there should be something you can relate to, which is really nice in any series and movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series, just finished season 1. The only complaint I have is that the pilot episode isn't that well done. I often found myself daydreaming, at least during the first half or so of the episode, but by the second episode, I was hooked.

I have to say, that I've watched many movies that have nudity in them, but all of them seemed to just use it to draw on a male and/or female crowd, but this series usually is just because it's part of the job, and something that they just have to deal with. There's some nudity that isn't part of the job, but it's just some comical moment, usually.

That leads me to another one of the best things about this series, is that there is comedy, and I often found myself laughing. In the pilot episode, I found myself laughing at the funeral, when it really wasn't a funny moment, but I like shows that don't just make you feel terrible that involve death. I doubt it would be as good without those funny moments.

Lastly, the actors are amazing and bring to life the character they acted. It's such a memorable series that I hope everyone will try.

Rock Haven (2007)
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Predictable, but great!, 15 August 2012

Finally! After all the time I spent wondering why there weren't any good movies that have a gay theme, then I stumbled across this movie.

It's about a Christian who finds out he's gay, and that becomes a conflict between a love life, or his religion. (I know this sounded terrible, but...) I have to admit that I was surprised that I actually liked this movie, since it has no secrets, if you know what I mean, then great! If you don't, let me put it this way. You almost always know what's coming.

That's all that's "bad" about the movie.

What I like about it, is that it has a nice plot. Some people would rate this show pretty low, because it is kind of repetitive, but I don't mind when it's this type of movie.

The thing that I like is the characters. People are really, surprisingly nice in the movie, including the priest (or whoever he is).

The names for the characters, I feel could be a bit better (they aren't my favorite), but the actors were pretty good at acting and looking the part they played. The two gay people in the movie actually look gay, and look really convincing for the part.

To me, this show is not that much of a drama, but it's still there, though not as strong as I usually like dramas, although you can't really make people cry for something like this (at least, I probably couldn't)

Socket (2007)
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Interesting concept, 14 August 2012

I don't mind all the male nudity in this movie, the only thing I mind is female nudity (don't ask me why, I just don't like it) (Thankfully there is none in this movie), so if you can get past all the male nudity and stuff that is similar, then you might like this movie.

There is a really neat plot, about people that are addicted to electricity, and each time someone electrifies themselves on purpose (of course) then I felt a rush throughout my body (who else felt like that?). This happened a few times throughout the movie, and when they put actual plugs into their hands, this feeling intensified a bit.

The thing I don't get is, "why him?" a guy that just joined already making huge changes to the organization? That part I don't get. It doesn't seem right to let a newbie create something that could change the whole organization, but...

After about an hour (maybe) the movie starts getting boring. All you see is stuff you've already seen before: electrifying themselves; the two gay characters "hooking up" in explicit detail (kind of) that you've seen before; nothing new. Got a little too repetitive to me.

"Alphas" (2011)
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Great all around!, 13 August 2012

I loved this show, and am currently waiting to watch the second season, and I can't wait! This show is about a group of people that have special abilities (except the therapist) that go around catching other alphas (People with a unique special ability) that are abusing their power and most of the time, causes people to die.

There are many things that I like about this show. The acting was suburb, the best I have seen in a movie, which is great in a fantasy movie like this, designed to be a bit more realistic that Spider-man, Thor, etc.

That's another thing I like about the series. In shows like, Spider-man, Peter (I think) has for some anonymous reason a super power from getting bit from a spider. In this show, things happen for a reason. For instance, Nina causes a little "spark" (The series later explains this a lot better than I can) that makes a person do what she wants.

People like Cameron for example, well he just has excellent mind-action (Or something like that) coordination, making him a good fighter, and stuff like that, so there isn't an explanation for his power. The same thing goes for Rachel; there's no explanation for how she can greatly enhance her senses.

Also, the abilities cause its bearer a kind of "disorder". For instance, Rachel has confidence issues, Marcus (S1E3) can see everything, and can't understand why people can not, and so on. Therefore the "super heroes" aren't "invincible" like in most shows / movies like this.

I highly recommend watching this series, or at least trying the Pilot episode. The Pilot is extremely well done, and explains everything that is going on, and is kind of essential to watch this before watching the other episodes so you know what's going on, and all that stuff. Give it a try! The whole first series is available now on Netflix!

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Terrible ripoff, 24 June 2012

I watched the animated television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it was hilarious, full of action and adventure, so when this movie came out, I was excited that someone finally decided to create the series with real characters.

I want to get straight to the point: if you watch the television series that I mentioned before you watch this, you will hate this show, if you don't, then you probably might rate it 3 or 4 stars; 5 at the most (out of 10).

This show was a huge disappointment; the so called "funny parts" were lame and pointless. It was like a joke that no one laughs at. All the bending (waterbending, earthbending, firebending, airbending) looked fake, as if the water (for example) was moving on its own, and the bender's arms were just simply moving with it.

Also, (if you watched the television series) the whole story is completely different; what was more than 4 hours long got incredibly condensed into this pointless, ripoff, hour and a half thing that changes the storyline, cuts out almost everything about the series, and it was really, really bad.

The sad thing is that, the storyline is really good, but it's extremely poor presentation made this series absolutely terrible, and torture to watch.

So, bottom line is that, if you want to watch a really good, funny TV series that has the storyline of this movie and more, Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's animated, but at least this show has a reason to not look realistic. I would recommend you watch this.

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Very well done!, 21 June 2012

When I first watched the original Yugioh, it was good, but got boring after awhile. It basically had the exact same storyline all the way through the whole story, and consisted mainly of just dueling.

Yugioh GX, however, has some different story lines, though it has a lot of dueling as well, which gets kind of old after awhile. Watch a few duels that has Jaden in it (Which most of the duels do), and you basically know his favorite strategies, and you basically memorize his whole deck, so you aren't surprised if he summons Elemental Hero Flame Wingman onto the field; one of his classic moves for a lot (I think) of the first season. Later on he for some reason, uses more of a variety of monsters in his dueling, such as Elemental Hero Mudball Man (Or something like that). The only person that uses some variety of decks is Bastion Misawa, and it's amusing when you first learn he has so many decks that somehow fits under his yellow shirt.

The series is about 8/10, until the end. I find the storyline that happens later on, (with Jaden losing himself; kind of similar with Yugi, in the original Yugioh, and the Seal of Oricalcus), if you didn't understand what I just said (well, actually I wrote this, but it's just an expression, so I won't change it), then you have to watch a lot of the episodes.

It's a really good series, and I really enjoyed watching it. Even though it is really for young kids, I still enjoy watching it (for some reason). It's a great show. Check it out!

Thor (2011)
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Lots and Lots of Action, 27 March 2012

This movie is all about action, and the writers did a fine job, I have to say, including tons of action in a way that draws your mind away from all your troubles. There is a light love theme, which I feel is very nice, just the right amount. The movie starts out very well, with a slight flash of the future. I was, I admit, a little disappointed that there was only one enemy, but this movie is not just about the "almighty Thor" battling enemies, which would have made the movie extremely dumb. As I recall my memories of the movie, for some reason, I don't know where the action was, aside from the battle with Thor and an Iron Giant, and Thor and his friends against the Ice Giants. The way the producers made the show is incredible, squeezing so much action into an hour and fifteen minute film, and make it interesting. This movie is incredibly fast-paced, and some people might have a hard time following it, but I'll give you a hint, this show is a movie that you really have to relax, and not think about anything in order to understand it. Because it's fast-paced, you probably won't remember your questions anyway.

"Psych" (2006)
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Excellent, 25 March 2012

This show has everything I like, comedy, and detective work. The comedy is great and will put a smile on most people's face. The comedy is very nicely blended in, not cutting into the main episode's plot, which is very commendable (Too many shows do that kind of thing). I really like the music used in this show, never overwhelming the show, and only in places that need it, to either make something a bit more funny, or make something more serious. Shawn Spencer is a great character, and an enjoyment to watch him being embarrassed by the position he made himself in. Gus, I have to say, really does nothing, just tags along and gets partial credit for something that Shawn did. He does help on some cases, but only those that include medicine (drugs, pills, etc.), and there are only about three episodes, but all he does is tell Shawn a bit about them. This is a great, hilarious show that is great for all ages, but some of the humor might not be understandable for young people, but even so, everyone that enjoys a funny detective series (or movie) would probably enjoy this show.

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