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Deool (2011)
Amazing movie making
9 March 2012
I normally don't write movie reviews, but after watching this movie I was compelled to write one because this movie is a masterpiece. This movie nicely depicts village life in India where people are blindly following modern lifestyle without considering its negative effects. And importantly it shows how the politics and God's business is combined by few for material gains. It also shows peoples obsession with putting their kids in English medium schools. Movie also shows how there is no point in providing reservations based on gender as ultimately males only try to dominate. As in this movie there is a women Sarpanch 'head of village council', but she is under complete dominance of local male leader. Overall this movie does a good job in showing how the socioeconomic scenario is changing in Indian villages. Actors have done a good job, even led character got national award of 'Best actor'. This is a must watch movie.
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