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High quality comedic porn from '70s Japan, 26 May 2014

One of Toei's porn, comedy, samurai themed movies made in the '70s after pure samurai genre movie's market has declined, and movie studios like Toei was fighting for its survival.

Shogun Toyochiyo who took over the reign is a book worm, and not interested in women. A woman thief (Reiko Ike) conspires with one of his vassal to make Kakusuke who's a lowly back scrubber in a public bath to be the double of the Shogun. Kakusuke is a sex maniac and takes advantage of this situation to have sex with every woman in Edo castle.

Movie is directed by one of my favorite Japanese movie director Norifumi Suzuki. This movie didn't disappoint in the quality despite its off beat content. 18 year old Reiko Ike performs the female lead that takes advantage of situation that a man who has crush on her is being used as shogun's double to forward her cause. Women in this movie are some of the best looking Japanese actresses from that period. The story is rather complex but director Suzuki maintains focus of the story to the end.

One of the best comic porn from '70s Japan. Silly, but worth your while to watch this rather unusual movie.

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Great Fantasy Movie from Japan, 12 May 2014

The original concept of this story is based on 1968 movie that was created by comic artist Shigeru Mizuki who single handedly started the genre of Yokai (Japanese folk lore monsters) based stories. In this version, along with Mizuki, writers Miyuki Miyabe, Natsuhiko Kyogoku, and Hiroshi Aramata contributed their creative talent to the story.

Tadashi Ino (Ryunosuke Kamiki) is a wimp of a kid, but on the night of the town festival, he gets chosen to be the Kirin Rider. Kirin Rider has obligation to get the sword of Great Goblin from the mountain, and Tadashi embarks on a journey to the mountain where the Great Goblin resides. In the mountain Tadashi is met by Yokai monsters who were waiting for him. Covertly they chose him as Kirin Rider to battle the dark army of Yasunori Kato who is an embodiment of the grudge of ancient Japanese people. Together with Yokai, Tadashi faces the deadly army of Kato.

The movie was a big budget movie ( approx. 14M USD ) for a Japanese movie, and uses effective balance between CG and live performers that helps to maintain the realistic looks throughout the story. Ryunosuke Kamiki puts in a great performance as the main character despite his age (of 10). The cast reads like who's who of popular Japanese actors, and writers Mizuki, Kyogoku, Aramata, and Miyabe all makes cameo appearance in this movie.

This is probably the best movie Takashi Miike has directed, helped by solid script written by the aforementioned team of writers.

This is one of the best fantasy movie to come out of Asia, and is entertaining to both children and adults.

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Outstanding !, 13 April 2014

Very beautiful fantasy animation with outstanding quality from South Korea. Style is original enough not to be derivative of anime from other Asian countries.

Character designs are first class, and visuals have original angles to them as well. Korean animation has long history, and it is not well known but many Japanese anime are actually made in Korea (just like many American TV cartoons are made in Japan). Techniques are mature, and there isn't a hint of rough edges with this very fine movie.

I wish that Korean anime will gain more mainstream distribution as their action, love, romance, comedy have in the past 10 years.

This is one of the finest animation movie to come out of Korea, and is highly recommended for viewing.

The original Super Hero classic !, 9 February 2014

Probably the first modern super hero TV series, and at the time it was first on air was more famous than the comic it was based on.

Every episode of this series is a classic. Nothing that came before it in super hero genre, was done with as much good acting, and class. I only knew the series as reruns, but I remember that this was the first super hero show I've ever seen in my life. It never failed to entertain every time I saw it as a kid. It combined humor, drama, and element of ridiculousness done with charm like no other programs of this type in the '50s had. It also didn't look cheesy, like all other series of this type in the '50s did.

The characters all left indelible impression on us. Especially Noel Nelle's Lois Lane is a classic that all future Lois Lane was compared against. She was the other "star" of this show.

The series aged well, and even today it provides entertainment like no other show. Without a doubt, this is the classic of all classic super hero TV series.

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A Move that's at least 10 years too early for China to make, 7 February 2014

The movie is beautifully shot, and production is tight. And no wonder, Jingle Ma is directing and producing this movie. But unfortunately that's about the only thing going for this movie.

A group of woman racers and two male managers comprise a racing team. The women characters experience the angst of overcoming problems in their personal life, and life as a professional racer. But what happens in the end is quite predictable. Popular Japanese actor Kazuki Kitamura plays the role of the bad guy who jilts his Chinese fiancée, and the manager of the rival Japanese team.

The movie is very shallow, and that's probably why it's panned by many who sees it. It just cherry picks the glamorous aspect of racing, and tries to make a drama around it. The credibility is zero, and China doesn't have the kind of technology or industry to produce the kind of goods the characters are using. Everything is borrowed from the Japanese. The style, the helmet, the car, they're either Japanese or a carbon copy of Japanese culture.

If it had substance to portray authentic culture of China, the film would have been far better. Not doing so makes this movie cartoonish in a bad way. The lifestyle, the technology shown in this movie is what China might have in 10 years. The gap between reality, and fiction is too wide in this movie to pass the credibility test.

The movie might be propaganda passing as entertainment. See it for the beautiful visuals, but don't expect much else.

Meteor (1979)
Deliciously ridiculous and Good, 26 January 2014

All star science fiction movie made by American International Pictures that's in the vein of disaster movies of the '70s.

A comet strikes an asteroid belt, and flings a fragment 5 miles long into collision course with earth. Americans have put in orbit satellite carrying 14 rockets each with 100 megaton warhead called "Hercules". They are to use it to shoot the in coming meteor , but it won't be enough to stop it. They must work with the Russians who has similar weapon called "Peter the Great" in orbit and combine their forces to stop the meteor.

This movie was made before Walter Alvarez's meteor extinction theory of the dinosaurs. It's foresighted for its time in this respect. The movie has satirical scenes of powers not agreeing to cooperate despite the immanent danger, but it's done deliciously, and fun to watch.

The movie has qualities of the low budget science fiction movies of the '50s. But it's done in much grander scale. Good movie that captures the atmosphere of the '70s well.

Downfall (2004)
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Epic !!, 19 January 2014

The movie about final days of Hitler in his Berlin bunker. Bruno Gants puts in an epic performance as Adolf Hitler.

The Russians has crossed into Berlin, Hitler has no more forces he can deploy, but refuses to give up. People around him has solemnly accepted their fate. The drama is about war itself, and how German military people has come to cope with it.

This movie is to have unexpected effect on home made movie 10 years after it's been released. The section where Hitler rants about reinforcement not coming has been taken out and parodied numerous times on YouTube. The movie has become endless source of creativity for those willing to manifest their take on this story.

This is one of the best war time movie ever made, and is highly recommended for viewing.

Tangled (2010)
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Awesome !!!, 18 January 2014

3D animation that's based on German fairy tale Rapunzel, but the character's personalities are all modern day American.

This is the first 3D animation movie that actually looked real. Sometimes more real than the real world. The lighting, movement, and color was all spot on in every scene. Characters featured in this movie are all incredibly "Real" in their personality, yet so funny.

Voice over is done with perfection too. Every character comes to life as if acting was done by live actors.

Everything about this movie is over the top.

6 years and 260 million is not wasted on making this epic movie. The movie is the best animation movie ever created.

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Outstanding Japanese Science Fiction Drama, 12 January 2014

Science Fiction horror/action movie based on the 2011 TV series of the same name, which in turn is based on the anime series that first aired in 1968. Catch copy of the characters are "I want to be Human !".

No one knows when they were born, but three artificial life form that originated from one common cell, Ben, Bela, and Belo are shunned by the human society because of their gruesome appearances . But their hart is pure, and they've decided to use their immortality to rescue humanity. Outwardly they can shape shift to have human like appearance, and they look somewhat like a family with Bem ( Kazuya Kamenashi ) being the father, Bela ( Ann ) being the mother, and Belo ( Fuku Suzuki ) being the son.

Mysterious killing is occurring in the city. little do Bem, Bela, and Belo knows, a child who they've saved the life of long time ago, Tatsuhiko Ueno ( Mchitaka Tsutsui ) is the trigger for the occurrence. He became a scientist, and in effort to save his wife Sayuri's ( Arisa Mizuki ) life, uses a serum from a plant that was contaminated by Bem's blood. She comes back to life, but also turns into a monster that has traits like that of Bem. Greedy CEO of a pharmaceutical company Masaki Kagami ( Hashinosuke Nakamura ) is also after the secret of this serum, and attempts to kill the Ueno family to steal the invention. They eventually find each other along with detective Natsume ( Kazuki Kitamura ) who is friends with Bem, and battle of humanoid monsters ensues.

This series gets high marks for its original concept, and artistry. The movie sticks closely to the original anime down to the mood and details of the character. In the original anime and in this movie, Belo plays the main character of the story. Fuku Suzuki puts in great performance as Belo, and so does Kazuki Kitamura as detective Natsume. Bem, and Bela are not allowed to show too much emotion, but acting by Kazuya Kamenashi, and Ann was spot on as Bem and Bela.

This is perhaps the best science fiction movie from Japan since Space Battleship Yamato, and recommended for viewing by all Asian movie fans.

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Love Romance Pure, 12 January 2014

Great romantic drama starring Tsuyoshi Domoto, and Kyoko Fukada.

Yuji Tokieda (Tsuyoshi Domoto) is an up and coming boxer. He was leading a normal life until he accidentally bumps into Toko Miura ( Kyoko Fukada ) at a convenience store. At first Yuji doesn't see Toko as anybody important, but Toko begins to be attracted Yuji. Her feeling for Yuji begins to build until she starts to make efforts to find anything about him. Fortunately for her she finds out that he part times at the flower shop that she can see from the roof top of the department store where she works at a Crepe restaurant (Japanese department store has open air restaurants at its roof top ). She asks at the flower shop where he lives, and the store owner (who's a lady, and who Yuji has a crush on) gives her his address. She visits him, but he's not home, and a package gets delivered to his home. She's asked to sign it, and she finds a key on top of his door. She decides to enter his house. Soon Yuji comes home, and is surprised to find her at his home. From this incident Yuji and Toko begins to get closer in their relation. A relation that started as one side love of Toko begins to positively affect Yuji's boxing career, and their love blossoms. But there are many hardships waiting to separate the two lovers.

Sometimes this series is counted as second of Tsuyoshi Domoto trilogy. First being the "Ao no jidai", and the third being "Summer Snow". This series cemented Kyoko Fukada's reputation as an actor. Her performance as Toko, left indelible impression on the viewers of this drama.

Somewhat small scale of this drama might limit its international potential, but it is a superb drama that's worth the patience to watch it all the way through.


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