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Movie waay ahead of it's time, 12 May 2017

It might have been just a crazy movie in the '60s that had no significance, but now in the 21st century when what the Nazis were doing during WWII is better known, this movie has a strange contemporary feel to it. A journalist, and a bar singer find themselves traveled in time to arrive in the laboratory of Nazi scientist. He talks about time travel and plans about bringing Hitler back from time.We know now that Nazis were working on some sort of time machine known as the "Bell" (Die Glocka). Maybe in another time line, third Reich might have won the war as this scientist was claiming to do. The movie is contemporary in the same vein as the "Iron Sky" (2016).

47 Ronin (2013)
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Not at all close to the true story of the "Ako roshi", 8 May 2017

Good but the real story of 47 ronin as it happened in history is not represented in this movie. Kira who was the shogun's manner instructor didn't get the customary bribe, so he didn't teach Asano the proper way to greet the Shogun in the actual story, and was humiliated for improper greeting of shogun which enraged him to draw a sword against Kira in the castle which was crime punishable by death. Ooishi and 47 ronin who lost their master swore vengeance on Kira, and that was the story of 47 ronin. Here the story is more like a fantasy. Since the story here is an American original, this review is for an American fiction movie. It's kind of a bastardization of how samurai lived in their days, and creating good action movie. As such, movie is of good quality, and doesn't disappoint. While some of the premise seems ridiculous to the ones versed in the way of samurai, that is forgiven as ignorance towards the true culture of the samurai. Some American movie has done a better job in this area (like the Last Samurai ),this is an acceptable and interesting version of 47 ronin.

Jobs (2013)
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Ashton Kutcher brings Steve Jobs to life, 23 February 2017

i saw this movie after I've seen Steve Jobs the movie. While I thought Steve Jobs was unfair in it's portrayal of Steve Jobs, I found this movie closer to the legend of Steve Jobs that I grew up with.Although the movie was not meant to be the biography of Steve Jobs, I thought it did credence to the man Steve Jobs really was.Ashton Kutcher really looked like Jobs when he was younger, and his acting captured what it would have been like to be around Jobs in the nascent years at Apple. So I give higher mark for this movie than the other Steve Jobs movie for the truism it has about the person and career of Steve Jobs. Oh, did I mention that this movie was fun to watch ?

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Maturity shows on the actors, 1 February 2017

So it's been 14 years since the original X- Men movie. Many actors were teenagers when this series started, but in this version they have grown up in more ways than one.Maturity shows on their acting and their ability to express subtle nuance in the acting which makes this movie more rewarding to watch.Dare I say that this is the best of the many X-Men movie that came along. Bryan Singer still have the ability to turn all the subtitling of the plot into convincing visual landscape. This is a very entertaining movie at all levels.I hope they would continue the X-Men franchise in this direction in the future. A movie well worth watching.

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Travesty of American Law Enforcement, 15 December 2016

Imagine that you were a gold prospector, and found a mother lode. You take it home and clean all the debris off of the ore. Then some military men shows up and takes all you've collected Wouldn't you consider that a theft ? Yet that is exactly what happened to Sue - One of the most complete T- Rex specimen ever found. FBI and the national guard showed up at Blackhills Institute to haul away the fossils of the T-Rex. Something good was found, and US government decided to make it their own - by any means possible, and by force. The action speaks volumes about what kind of government United States is running. In some parts of this world United States is considered a terrorist. In this case a thug as well.Dinosaur 13 is a story that goes beyond the story of T-Rex fossil.It's a story about how US government operates. It's policy of might makes right is a danger not only to the fossil hunters, but to all citizens who lives in United States ( and rest of the world ).

Classic Japanese girl's comic, 15 December 2016

François Augustin Regnier de Jarjayes would have never imagined that he would be famous over 200 years later in far away country of Japan which he may have never heard of in his life. Oscar Francois de Jarjayes is the sixth daughter of Francois Augustine. He desired to have a son after having five daughters but fate has it that his sixth child was also a daughter. In his desire to have an aire, he raises his child as a man. As the result Oscar becomes a brigadier general in the royal guard. Yet, she is a woman (and rather good looking one at that ) which attracted the hearts of millions of Japanese teenage girls which made this comic a sensation in the '70s Japan. Rose of Versailles became a sensational hit as a comic, and an anime series. Now a classic, it still enjoys popularity to some degree in 21st century Japan. Few Japanese girls comic enjoys a classic status but this one is one of them.

Godzilla (2014)
Awfully Long movie to be staring at darkness half of the time, 12 December 2016

This was a good movie (I think).The reason why I'm not sure is that about 50% of the movie happens in darkness that barred me from seeing what actually happened. Pity because the movie had good plot, good acting , and good action.Maybe they wanted to have good art as well, but they failed on this one. The action scenes happens mostly in darkness, and you can't discern much detail as to whats going on. It's like AVP 2 in this way. And to hang on it for 2 hours is rather a long ordeal. So, my rating is somewhat low for this film despite the good effort that went in it. A sequel ? Nah, I don't want to see another version of this movie.

Irritatingly stupid movie, 10 December 2016

After seeing this movie, I could only surmise that it's some kind of disinformation film to make jokes out of what is commonly known as remote viewing. The movie portrays remote viewers as army's attempt to train soldiers to be new age hippies (seriously). From what I've read the real remote viewers were deadly effective (otherwise the government wouldn't have funded them for 23 years). But if the effectiveness of remote viewing was really conveyed, it would be disclosing one of the closely guarded secrets of US military operations. So my take after seeing the movie is that it was created to be a disinformation campaign to make the world believe that this is what remote viewing is about. None of the characters in the movie could do remote viewing. As if it didn't exist. And maybe that's the real message this movie wanted to convey.

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Wish Jack Lord was still alive, 29 August 2015

I liked the original Five O so I'm trying to like this series too, but I'm having mixed success at it.. More I see it I recognize how irreplaceable quality Jack Lord had. It didn't matter if the story wasn't so hot. Jack Lord giving out "Book em Danno" at the end added the finishing touch to the story.This is the big part I miss from this series. The series is crafted with more refined taste than the original. Everybody looks and acts as they are part of the organization. Which makes them all look like good boys,and girl. Headquarter is still at the Iolani Palace, but the gadgets are more high tech, considering that there's 40 years of gap between the two series, that's to be expected.Kono isn't a guy in this series. It's played by a Korean American actor Grace Kim, and she doesn't look Hawaiian by any means. So what's my take on this ,if this series is a success ? It lost something in not having the simplicity of the original series, and some excitement is lost in not being able to see the bad guys get their comeuppance of facing Jack Lord's wrath in the end.So, it's a good series, but not future classic, as the original series were.

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High quality comedic porn from '70s Japan, 26 May 2014

One of Toei's porn, comedy, samurai themed movies made in the '70s after pure samurai genre movie's market has declined, and movie studios like Toei was fighting for its survival.

Shogun Toyochiyo who took over the reign is a book worm, and not interested in women. A woman thief (Reiko Ike) conspires with one of his vassal to make Kakusuke who's a lowly back scrubber in a public bath to be the double of the Shogun. Kakusuke is a sex maniac and takes advantage of this situation to have sex with every woman in Edo castle.

Movie is directed by one of my favorite Japanese movie director Norifumi Suzuki. This movie didn't disappoint in the quality despite its off beat content. 18 year old Reiko Ike performs the female lead that takes advantage of situation that a man who has crush on her is being used as shogun's double to forward her cause. Women in this movie are some of the best looking Japanese actresses from that period. The story is rather complex but director Suzuki maintains focus of the story to the end.

One of the best comic porn from '70s Japan. Silly, but worth your while to watch this rather unusual movie.

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