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Thumbs up for "What You Need"., 1 March 2009

Tales of Tomorrow offers this nice little gem in the realm of science fiction. Drama, intrigue, and insights into human behavior highlight this episode from early television. The DVD I saw had 6 other episodes on it. I liked this episode the best. It contained good acting, plausible reactions from the characters, an interesting sci-fi plot. All the episodes on this disc come complete with the original commercials. Masland Sportswear sponsored this episode. Both the show and the commercial are interesting if for no other reason but to view an early part of television history. "What you Need" though is more than just a part of history. It can still hold your interest today and it makes an enjoyable story. Well worth the short amount of time it takes to watch it. Thumbs up for "What You Need".

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The future being 1960!, 24 February 2009

"Sneak Attack" is a sci-fi episode of a possible "pearl harbor" type attack that happens in the future. The future being 1960. The episode was shown on December 7th, 1951. This is a good example of the use of TV how it helped promote the red scare of the 50s. The average American would be watching this and to them it was a real possibility. Viewing this episode would concern adults and scare the children. Could this happen in their lifetime? Countries are not named but the enemy's identity would be very transparent to the viewer of 1951. What terrible crisis did they think the future could bring? Watch this episode and find out. It's a great little movie to watch and enjoy both for its entertainment and historical value.

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Quite a nice little treat., 23 February 2009

Wealthy industrialist Wayne Crowder uses all his company's assets to build a private spaceship and become the first man in space. He pushes at all costs to achieve his goal. What will happen?, well that's what this story is about. Very low budget TV "play" from the early years of television. A nice little surprise twist puts this short selection to a close. Listen to the dramatic background music, very reminiscent of old radio shows. Test flight is quite a nice little treat. The DVD that I saw was complete with commercials from Jacques Kreisler watchbands. If you don't like the old stuff, stay away. If you get a kick out of B movies, maybe even old radio shows, this is for you.

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Wish I could see all the episodes., 22 February 2009

I watched "Blunder" on a DVD that had 7 episodes with the original commercials. I wish I could see all the episodes. I enjoyed watching the commercials almost as much as the movie. The first commercial for this episode was from "CARE" speaking about, and showing the problem of the many displaced people of World War II. Another commercial asks the viewers to buy United States Defense Bonds. Both the commercials help the viewer understand a little of what it was like at the time that this episode was originally viewed. 1951 was a different world then the one we live in today. "Blunder" is an early science fiction story warning of the possible dangers of nuclear experimentation. I was surprised to see a couple of negative remarks about censorship in the film. They were probably pretty bold for the time. This show was a half hour long, so it moves along fairly quickly. It seemed to be just right for "Blunder". I think a sci-fi fan with an interest in history will really enjoy this episode.

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Early warning of nuclear dangers., 15 February 2009

I viewed this on a DVD that had 7 different episodes of 'Tales of Tomorrow", complete with original commercials. It was a real surprise to me to be able to have this great chance to see an example of early TV science fiction. Back when this came out, this was not in theaters or drive ins but could only be seen on TV, an emerging form of entertainment that could be seen by those lucky enough to even own a television. The acting in "Verdict From Space" is overly dramatic but the actors do hold your interest. The show uses a low budget set so don't expect anything fancy. I think this episode was ahead of its time, the plot contains one of the early warnings of the possible dangers of nuclear bombs and experimentation that was to be a main theme of many future sci-fi films. The background music is definitely dated, as are some of the terms spoken by the characters. You won't be able to forget that this was from 1951. I liked the episode not only for it's historical significance to early television but it also had an interesting story in a short, quick episode. I was happily surprised to see that the original commercials were included. The commercials are from "Watchbands by Jacques Kreisler". It's really interesting, even a little comical, to see the beginnings of early television advertising. Entertaining in many ways, "Verdict From Space" is a fun film, well worth the short amount of time it takes to watch it.

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Watch this one for the laughs., 25 June 2006

Stupid scenes, bad acting, poor dialogue, lots of topless scenes. Liana (Analía Ivars) is the heroine and main character of the movie. You'll be seeing a lot of her. She'll be running around topless throughout the whole movie. Amazons kill her gold hungry missionary parents and Liana is raised in the jungle away from civilization. Although she does seem to find a way to maintain a perm. When she matures, Liana decides she has to avenge her parent's death and with an odd assortment of characters she picks up on her quest, she goes after the Amazons. Not that hard a task. I don't recall seeing more than 7 in any scene. The movie has lots of nudity, violence, but no real gore. There are some scenes that if it wasn't for the nudity, you might think it was a children's film. It's a very cheaply made film with lots of mistakes. The more you question things, the worse it gets. For me, this was one of those it's so bad it's good movies. It's entertaining in a humorous way. Not to be taken seriously. Wait until you meet the witch doctor Koukou. Watch this one for the laughs.

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A good family movie. Kids will love it., 12 May 2006

Gator Face is a movie suitable for the whole family but is particularly aimed at kids. It's an adventure film that kids will wish happened to them, a movie where kids shine. This film teaches us to try to understand things that are different and not to use violence first. You will experience fear, humor excitement, sympathy, friendship, sadness and ultimately joy. It's one of the few "monster" movies out there that is pretty tame and safe for kids to watch yet still be exciting. The younger viewer can watch other kids be heroes and best of all, in the end, right triumphs over might, and understanding over ignorance. This is an example of the type of movies that should be made with children in mind.

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Mantan Moreland's acting is what makes this film., 2 April 2006

The main plot of the movie is espionage and adventure in the African Jungle. Nazi agents try to incite a native uprising against the British. This is drama and adventure with a healthy dose of comedy by Mantan Moreland. This film was made in 1942 and is certainly dated. You have to watch this film in the context of the times. Today this film will be looked upon as politically incorrect and demeaning to blacks. Mantan Moreland had what was considered a supporting role in Law of the Jungle but today he should be seen for what he is. This man is a good actor and a great comedian. Mantan Moreland playing Jefferson "Jeff" Jones is the main reason to watch this movie. Mantan Moreland may be better known to viewers for his roles as Birmingham Brown in the Charlie Chan movies of the mid 40s but he is great in law of the Jungle. Moreland is so good, he is even used as the main attraction on the cover art of the DVD. His acting is what takes Law of the Jungle a notch above being a blah boring movie.

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If you like the oldies, try it., 26 March 2006

Two Americans with the free French played by Buster Crabbe and Paul Bryar are sent to Carraby, a small village in Africa to build an airfield. They have to contend with restless natives under the influence of the evil Chief Schlangi who is in turn controlled by a married couple that are Nazi agents. The Nazis want to take this area for themselves and plan on stopping the two Americans sent there. Enter Ann Corio as Kuhlaya, the white woman brought up by natives after Chief Schlangi killed her parents when she was a child. Kuhlaya is at home in the jungle and basically a female version Tarzan. She is the so called Jungle Siren. An older, kind hearted but alcoholic white doctor acts as a substitute father and friend to Kuhlaya. Both the doctor and Kuhlaya are pro allies. You don't see many wild animal scenes like I thought would be in a picture like this. There is some drama, adventure and romance all 1940s style. When this movie came out, one of the main attractions to this movie was the opportunity to see the beautiful Ann Corio in her jungle garb. For today's audience, there is nothing to this. It's very mild and tame by today's standards. This is a short movie in black and white. It has some sound problems. The sound is sometimes scratchy and when the characters speak softly you have to listen carefully. Some of the terminology used is straight from the 40s and may be a bit hard for the uninitiated to understand. It's politically and historically incorrect but what movie from that period isn't. You've really got to like the older films to enjoy Jungle Siren. If you can't appreciate the older films, don't even try with this one you would be wasting your time. The younger generation will be lost watching this movie. I found it to still hold my attention and thought it was entertaining. It doesn't have the same kick as it would have had in the 40s but it's a fun film. If you like the oldies, try it.

Make a Wish (2002) (V)
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Alright, not good, not bad just alright., 26 March 2006

Make a Wish is another variation of the typical slasher movies. The variation here is that the main characters are lesbians. It's very simple. A group of lesbian friends, lovers, exlovers go on a camping trip and one by one get picked off along with a few men that happen to be wandering around in the woods. It has some usual twists and turns and the viewer has to figure out who is doing this and why. For men that may want to watch this expecting to see a lot of hot lesbian sex scenes and lots of blood and gore, this isn't for you. This film is just like the other typical slasher movies. There are lots of kissing scenes and a few R rated sex scenes but not much. It's not a prominent part of the movie. For the blood and guts, again typical, I've certainly seen a lot more but I've also seen less. This is a low budget film but it does entertain. It's alright, not good, not bad just alright.

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