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Jai Ho (2014/I)
overdose of non realistic events, 6 February 2014

Being a salman khan fan i can understand when he fight against 20-30 people and comes out as a winner in a war zone. That is OK. Same was done in dabang and its post sequel. So its OK. When it come to sohail khan's direction i fail to understand why he puts so much non realistic events in the movie. Let me start

Number one: Home minister thing: Its absolutely out of sense that some one gets inside the residence of home minister and beats his folks. Yes It may be possible if danny at-least played as an MLA.

Number Two: Salman in army uniform: You would rarely spot an army officer who is ranked as major and wears a uniform of lieutenant colonel. Remember him ? in black Uniform.

Number Three: Sunil shetty appears with a tank in the city serving no purpose. Just drops him in hospital guarding an auto rikshaw. WITH A TANK. But movie carries a good message and no doubt i love salman khan. What ever he does his movies are best. Sohail needs to improve his direction. Movie cant hold you in the beginning but what to do if you are a salman khan fan you wont come out of theater anyways.

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non stop comedy ..MUST WATCH, 6 June 2012

This movie is a complete refreshment for any body who understands the Arabic influenced English. It will make you laugh and laugh out loud. Every dialogue of the movie is worth listening and it gives you smile in return . Go for it people it is the best comedy movie and even much more interesting than scary movie series ..... :)Movie starts with humor and end on a very good and emotional note that will make you think . Movie ends up with a critical joke on democracy and its implementation versus the dictatorship .Acting is superb and timing of comedy "comic sense " is quite awesome. The males in the movie dominate the female actresses .... :) ooops there is only one woman in the movie rest are private guards of the dictator .

Its a must watch movie but alone because in theater it wont be able to scare you, 9 March 2012

1. Movie is good. 2. Screenplay superb 3. Sound effects superb 4. However British accent is weird as always ... 5. Movie takes pace gradually and actual scary stuff takes place in middle of movie and lasts till end. 6. Special and interesting part is that The Ghost in movie has nothing to do with scary stuff. it is the properly placed sound effect at right moment. 7. Movie makes you to hold your breath and keeps you surprised thoroughly. 8. Daniel did a good job. Though he is not fit to act in role of father but he gave his 100% 9. Horror freaks who think that their thresh hold level has gone above limits must watch the movie to come out of illusions. 10. After a long time a good horror movie is out to scare .

review of ghost funny rider, 8 March 2012

1.Expected to be a mind blowing movie. 2.Expectations ruined to hell 3.Actors :why didn't you read the script before agreement ? 4. Start of the movies is very interesting. 5 Middle Drags to unrealistic happenings. 6. I don't know How the power of the villain executed unrealistically when he touched the ghost rider and nothing happened to him. 7. How the Villain managed to stand on car and fight and why his power didn't show its magic. 8 funny element is how he threw the boy out of car by holding him in his hands and the boy was safe and nothing happened to him Why power of villain did not acted on the boy. 9. Nicholas cage acted well but again screen play sucked. 10. Funny end . 11. disappointed

ATM (2012/I)
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Movie review, 8 March 2012

1. Forces you to get up off the seat. 2. Genere Horror ?? i don't know how and why ? 3. All horror freaks are suggested to try some other stuff. 4. Poor screenplay and movie is unrealistic. 5. All events or happenings are out of the real world . 6. There is no matter of suspense shown anywhere in the movie. 7. Movie is slow and catches pace in the middle after you get completely bored 8. After catching pace it ends with a confusion in mind . confusion is " What did i just watch" 9. Story line is week .


The actress has worked well. The film has no unwanted sexual explicit material.