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The Best movie so far, 29 September 2012

Oh My God!!!! yes this is what i have to say after watching this movie. Its just superb,it had everything,comedy,stunt,action,fiction,a serious message and a deep emotional connect. This kind of film is a rarity in modern world. This film not only entertains but also enlightens people mind.You are bound to ask certain questions to yourself after watching the film. It thought provoking and your mindset may change after watching the movie. Everything is said in such a gentle and comic manner that the film does not bore a bit. As per acting is concerned well,u can say nothing to the performances by all the character but to applaud and appreciate. Paresh Rawal in the protagonist''s role has been out of the world,superstar Akshay Kumar portrayed the role of Sri Krishna outstandingly,Mithun,Chakravarty,Govind Ramdeo were just fantastic and all other supportive characters lend tremendous support. The main plus point of the film is its novelty in the story,its acting,its direction and the plot.. You are surely getting amazed after seeing such brilliant film and if u miss this then surely you are missing the best Indian film ever. I can and i think no one can give anything less than 10 to this film.

Ra.One (2011)
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Simply the worst movie of all time, 29 September 2012

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so a much anticipated movie starring Shah Rukh Khan finally got released..SRK fans went crazy before its release.but its actually the neutral audience who needs mental treatment as soon as they come out from the this a movie???not sure at all,acting?????its as non sense as ever..the story ,well its story less...over all the movie- its actually the exact definition of the worst possible movie being ever made. This movie should not have collected 1 rupee. Its a super flop and 1 star seems too high for it,i would have given 0.5 but heres no such option. The music perhaps is the dullest of all which causes nothing except irritation on viewers ears.irritation,irritation,irritation,and nonsense nonsense nonsense is everything on which the film revolves.if u r surprised reading this review that story line,plot etc etc that a review should contain,have not been mentioned here then its better to inform u that there was none to be found.... If u call this a superhero movie then u must be joking,if u call this a comedy u must again be joking,if u call this an action cinema then u are surely joking...well its not your fault,the film is a joke in itself. Shahrukh khan once again proved he is the least versatile actor of all time and we urge him to remain within his limitation that is nothing except romantic films,he is not a salman nor a akshay who could perhaps save this film.

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The Best Movie in Bollywood thus far, 31 May 2012

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I don't think any one can give this movie anything below 10....this was perhaps the most entertaining film of bollywood and Akshay at his best..was always expecting a very good movie,but this one turned out to be something unimaginable,its simply awesome...This movie is meant to break all bollywood records and it wont surprise a bit if it breaks records of Dabaang and reach closer to records of 3 Idiots..this movie will do splendid business for many months.It wont be surprising to see it reach 300 crore barrier too.Akshay can e considered now as Bollywood's current best easily.Please note that i am not paid to give reviews in Akshay Kumar movie's favour but any nutral would agree to my review after watching the film...I would like to urge every one to definitely view the film at halls..this movie has everything,romance,comedy,action,thrill,it wont let you go for a single moment.