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a list of 48 titles
Movies that I disliked/didn't enjoy that have a 7.0 or higher rating on Imdb
a list of 715 titles
An attempt to list the movies I watched throughout my life (the films are in reverse chronological order)
a list of 25 titles
a list of 60 titles
Movies rated under 7.0 that I find enjoyable (in chronological order).
a list of 189 titles
a list of 51 titles
The movies I watched from the Top 250 movies list.
a list of 45 titles
I'm setting a new challenge for myself - to watch 50 movies, each of them made in a different country. Started the challenge in spring 2013 and it is far from over.
a list of 61 titles
I enjoy watching movie adaptations of the books I read. Hence this list.
a list of 102 titles
The goal was to broaden my movie horizons. Somehow it turned into a 102 movies challenge...I watched 1 movie per each year of the last 102 years of movie production(2011-1910). Finally, after more than a year and a half this challenge is over!