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Chronicle (2012)
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I don't know what everybody is talking about, LAAAME!, 6 March 2012

this movie is an example of why people are saying that 2012 movies suck: PREDICTABLE plot lines; hell, predictable LINES! Every step of the movie is easy to predict. I understand that the special effects were good, They were really good actually. But, when you are laughing at how ridiculous the dialogue is, it's hard to be impressed. I wanted to leave. Great example of lack of good writers in H'wood. This was a great chance to make an all-time great movie. The premise is great, but poorly developed. The actors are good, but lines they're given are poor. One kid looks a lot like Leo Dicaprio and is a really natural actor. could've done better with all of those ingredients. That's why I say it sucked, cuz the words sucked. The presentation sucked. Not the look, Not the premise. Sorry but, I could've written a better script for the movie. Most definitely. Don't see it, it offends me that they expect us to pay to see a ruined premise on film.

Wanderlust (2012)
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This movie is why i created an IMDb account, 6 March 2012

HILARIOUS! holy... crap. I can barely even hold in the laughter whenever I think of this movie, which I saw twice. Funniest movie I've seen since Dumb and Dumber! haha, it's relentless. Can't wait to buy this one! wanna have a couple hour vacation? watch wanderlust. it's freakin ridiculously funny. hehehe anybody who's seen it will laugh at this: "cut two...." this movie saved 2012, and it's worth me vouching for 2012 movies in the future, as long as this is the only one in contention. I'm not kidding, go see it. oh yeah, too much male nudity, but it's not like... all the time. just a little really. some people were laughing at it though, so i can't really hate. The movie is about as deep as this review is, and as meandering.

hehe..... "suck on it."

Safe House (2012)
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jury still out, 6 March 2012

The movie was pretty good, but I feel as if the story was not developed enough. Maybe I wasn't paying good enough attention, but the mechanics of the work they're doing is pretty difficult to figure out. A little too realistic, a little short on peppy plot lines. I do mean just a little. again, maybe it was just not my day. pros: I felt dirty watching it; like a Mexican vacation dirty. real gritty movie. Ryan Reynolds is pretty good. I feel as if the actors did a great job. Denzel is brilliant of course, and the movie is worth watching just for his acting skills, amazing. cons: Ryan Reynolds seems a little awkward.. just a little. a little meandering-- watch til the end!!!