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A truly brilliant episode, 8 August 2006

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I've only really started following Doctor Who consistently this series and this has to be the best episode I've seen so far. One worth watching over and over if only for the beautiful music which suited the mood perfectly. Sophia Myles was engaging as Riennette (beautiful and strong) and had some great lines which I thought she delivered very well. I especially like the mind reading scene between her and the Doctor and also her discussion with Rose (loved her summary of the situation). The romance was believable even though they had only met a few times and was well scripted and acted by both actors. I like period pieces and as usual, the sets were stunning. The clockwork droids were SCARY! This is why I don't like clowns. That first under-the-bed scene...chills. Their inner workings were interestingly detailed. And ick - the eye and heart.

I liked this episode a lot, great acting, a touch of romance, beautiful sets, a sad farewell (poor Louis was no match for the Doctor). I thought the ending only half answered the big question (why on earth is the ship named after her is still up in the air) and was a bit...disjointed...but the episode itself had class. Definitely re-watchable. And did I mention how much I love the music?!

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One word: Disappointing, 16 April 2006

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I realise it's very hard to live up to the first The 10 Commandments movie (which was grandiose and personally not a Charleton Heston fan) but wow...this movie/mini-series was disappointing. Even the animated The Prince of Egypt was better.

The one thing that threw me off was Ramses. Compared to Yul Brynner's version, Paul Rhys's version just seemed so weak and un-Pharoh like. The acting really wasn't that great. For a modern adaptation, I was expecting something better. It just didn't look as stunning visually as the first one. I guess they were running on a tight budget or something. There's an occasional voice-over narrator which I found strange and unnecessary. It also broke up the flow of the story. And um...God's voice/lines were kinda weird.