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Figured I'd take a quick break from film and tv and celebrate my other audio visual love. Unfortunately there aren't pictures of everyone here. And there weren't listings for some. I'll try my best. Not listed: Arsenio Rodriguez, Rising Appalachia, etc....
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A collection of the television shows I've loved and love. Comedy, drama, animated, etc Key word favorite, not best.
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Films and programs you have to watch each Christmas. Even if a few of them aren't Christmas based.
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My favorite non-fiction and talk tv shows. Talk shows, news shows, sports shows, etc.
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A collection of films or tv for Halloween.
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Not in order of the best, but my favorite.
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Some Noir standouts, separated by pre-code, code, and post-code ('64) eras. Some call the post '50s noir, Neo-Noir, some say 70's and beyond, but it's the same family. 200 each, pre and post '64. Impossible not to miss some, Dozens. I hope not too many.
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If I missed any, sorry, sometimes i'm a dope.
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I know, some island. And maybe carrying 200 films is why I crashed. So lets say you crashed and nothing was on the island except fruit, fish, water, and an abandoned film house. Which 200 films would you want to be there? For me......
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Some of the standout comedies in film history.
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Films that were in my opinion (from an american perspective at least) either ignored, treated poorly, or forgotten over time. Not in any exact order, and will grow as needed.
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