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Highly entertaining!, 13 May 2006

Mission Impossible III is exactly what Tom Cruise said in one of the promotional interviews: just a highly entertaining ride. No great philosophical insights or whatever to ponder about once the movie is over, but what did you expect anyway?!

From the exciting beginning through to the end I was captivated by the beautifully done action sequences, effects and a very pleasant quick pace. The story was fine. The ending was acceptable, though the very last scene was a little too much. Apart from a couple of things (2 or 3) here and there that are just not possible, the story and events are 'buyable', though a lot of people who just like to whine (even though no one claims that the events in the movie are realistic) can burn the movie down if they wished.

The acting was fine, P.S. Hoffman portrayed the villain exquisitely, and Cruise's IMF-team did a great job too. Camera-work and directing were done equally great, if you ask me. In summary: acting was good, action scenes were stunning, story was well paced, interesting and highly entertaining. If what you want is an action-packed, adrenaline filled, thrilling ride, go see this movie. Hollywood mainstream popcorn action in all its glory, just how you like it!