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The best 200 TV series of the last 20+ years.... In alphabetical order.....
a list of 35 people
This list contains what I believe to be 35 actors who's performances are underated by many of the movie going public. They're not the leading stars in blockbusters nor do they have the influence of a Brad Pitt or Will Smith but they often steal the spotlight from the actors they support.
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A list of awesome action films, spanning all genre's that are great to watch when hanging with your mates.

They are in no particular order.
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This is a list of sequels that were devastatingly dissapointing, completely WTF? or simply didnt live up to the hype of the first film. The type of sequel a fan talks thinks "It was crap but if I had of made that film it would of rocked!"
They are in no particular order......
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This is a list of 30 sexy movies that are arguably the sexiest movies ever made! Watch them on a quite night in to set the mood.

They are in no particular order
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This is a list of films that I would personally say are not all out Blokey action flicks your girl will hate or Girly chick flicks that you'll totally hate sitting through. They're just great storys or fun plots, that you can both watch and both enjoy. And your girl just might be impressed you came home with a movie that doesnt have a ridiculous body count or over the top stunts. They are in no particular order
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The following list is a compilation of movies considered B-grade or outside of mainstream that I personally love watching and have seen many times.
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This is a list of martial arts films I think are either some of the greatest technical films to watch, high on the scale of entertainment or just plain worth watching. The list is in no particular order.