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For my first list, i thought i would look at 50 of my personal favourites, which have entertained and inspired me. If anyone has any suggestions for films i should check out, judging by my list, i would love to hear them!
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I used to have a great list going of all the films i had seen or owned. (I was losing track and would find myself rewatching movies) I enjoyed having that list. but then my computer crashed. so now, i might start a new one online. I'll start with the most recent, and when i have time, see if i can remake my list.
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Using this handy list feature to keep track of the movies i have. as an avid film collector, I enjoy having a wide variety of movies to watch in my own home library. but i tend to lose track of which ones i already have.
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making a list of movies for Charlie to watch. just because