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Catfish (2010)
Wapatuli of emotion
16 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Listed as a it is better to not know anything before seeing the films....

To quote Harry Knowles, "this is a damn fine story". The background on Catfish is that you aren't suppose to know what the background is. I thought the film was funny, thought provoking and powerful. Can you say all those things together without being cliché? Maybe some of my strong reaction is because part of the film takes place in the Upper Peninsula, or the cuteness, the child prodigy, or the love story. The filmmakers throw all your different emotions in a garbage can and make some wapatuli.

Go for the ride.

Drink some wapatuli.
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Grindhouse (2007)
Go see it in the theater.
29 March 2007
I went to the premier in Austin last night. Wow, what an awesome event. Here are a few brief thoughts: One of the previews, that is being made into a movie, looks absolutely absurd and I am sure that it will be a joy to watch.

Planet Terror kept you laughing, groaning, and cringing the entire time. Enough action to keep you into it, enough campy gore to laugh at, and plenty of build up to have you cheering for the good guys. Rodriguez put together an A-rated, B-movie.

Death Proof was also enjoyable. I may have been antsy due to the cramped seating, but it seemed like there was a little lull in the middle. I didn't want to get up at intermission as I didn't want to miss the trailers. As Tarantino has done before, there is some great dialogue flying around the core group of actors.

I will definitely go see it again in the theater. I missed some of the dialogue due to the roar of the audience. However, I think having an interactive audience really adds to the experience.

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7 July 2004
I haven't seen as fun/entertaining of a movie since....well....Old School. While I am well out of my teens...into the 30's actually, Stiller and gang still manage to bring out uncontrollable laugh out loud moments from a movie focusing on a childhood game. The first time I heard the dodging the wrench line, I almost cried. Just one of Patches great lines.

If you want to step out of reality and laugh, this is one to see....and buy as soon as it comes out on DVD. I have seen it twice and it only gets better.


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