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A Knight's Beginning, 26 February 2005

Other than the strange character designs, I don't see why so many people are bad-mouthing this show.

This is the lay down: Millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (good voice work from Rino Romano) witnessed his parent's brutal murder by an unknown gunman, and vows revenge against crime by donning the scary image of a bat. This series depicts Bruce in his third year as The Batman. The police still do not recognize him as a hero, but a criminal vigilante and are trying to capture him and find out who he is.

The famous James Gordon has yet to appear in the picture, so the GCPD is headed by a non-nonsense police chief named Angel Rojas (played by Edward James Olmos), whose top priority is to capture Bats. Batman is also pursued by police detectives Ethan Bennet (Steve Harris) and Ellen Yin (Ming-Na). Bennet thinks Batman is a hero, but Yin thinks otherwise.

Since this is Batman's "early years" as The Dark Knight Detective, the "costumed freaks are just now showing up. Our caped hero finds himself clashing with the likes of The Joker (brilliant voice talent from Kevin Michael Richardson), Mr. Freeze (a cold-hearted Clancy Brown), The Penguin (Tom Kenny), and Catwoman (Gina Gershon) and other familiar bad guys for the first times in his career.

The journey goes on as Batman struggles to elude police capture and save the city from evil rouge villains.

"Bring On The Batman!"

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Best Anime Show EVER!, 22 August 2004

I'm STILL trying to figure out WHY they canceled this wonderful series. I would watch it every Sunday night and be hooked until the very end of the episode.

The reason I started watching this was because of The Joker. He is sooooo

funny! And that henchwench of his, Harley Quinn, she and The Joker are perfect for each other! I wouldn't mind watching The Joker and Harley getting on (oops, did i say that out loud?)!

Compared to other anime shows like Family Guy, Inuyasha, Superman, and

Futurama, this is easily the best. The endings of each episode always leave you wondering and longing for more! If you ask me, the best villains in this show would be the following:

1. The Joker (of course).

2. Harley Quinn.

3. Mr. Freeze.

4. Killer Croc.

5. The Penguin.

6. Two-Face.

7. Poison Ivy.

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Best Superhero Movie EVER!, 4 August 2004

I first watched Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker when it aired on cartoon

network. I loved it so much, my mom got it for my birthday. Weeks later, I was surfing and noticed this had an UNCUT version on DVD. I ordered

it immediatly and saw the difference between the two! The uncut version builds A LOT more drama and suspense. There isn't much of a difference between the

two, except for the EXTREMELY disdurbing "flashback" scene.

I found Return of The Joker to be even better than any other Batman movie.

Return of The Joker beats even the brilliant Batman Returns by a LONG shot!

See the uncut version NOW! It is the best movie I have ever seen!

Pinocchio (1940)
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Arguably, the best animated feature ever!, 30 April 2004

That is what TV Guide called Pinocchio, Walter "Walt" Disney's 2nd animated film. I used to watch this movie all the time as young child, until my tape was eaten by a crapped-out VCR. I am now 16 and one day started thinking about this ever-lasting classic. I ordered from after I downloaded and listened to some midi song files from the movie (Hi Diddle Dee Dee and I've Got No Strings On Me). After I ordered it, I began to have my doubts about it. It had been such a long time since I had last seen it, so I didn't think it hold my attention. Boy, was I sure wrong! Only by watching for the first time again in years, did I remember how beautifully done the animation was (especially for 1940), how well the characters were voiced (Honest John, Jiminey Cricket, and Pinocchio himself are my faves), and how heartwarming the whole story is.

Too bad I an't talk my brother into watching it though, and he's 3 years YOUNGER than me. He'd rather watch stuff like Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights and Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.

I also reccomend that parents should buy it and watch it with their children, because it shows a good way to talk about why it is bad to tell lies and play hooky and such. For all of you blokes out there are complaining about scenes like the "Donkey Transformation" scene is too scary, that part was MEANT to be scary! Pinocchio is "children's" movie that has good reason to be scary. If you play hooky or lie, you will turned into a jackass (donkey) and get sold to mines, circuses and such as punishment. The Coachmen character in the "Pleasure Island" sequence illustrates this perfectly.

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A mite overrated, I says., 30 April 2004

I managed to catch this flick on the ABC Channel's The Wonderful World of

Disney when I was sick with a cold one night, I decided to check it out because of all the good things I had heard about it at school. After watching it, all I can say is: it's entertaining, nothing more. Honestly, I just don't see what most everyone else sees in it.

Overall, I give LILO AND STITCH a 4.5 out of 10. PINOCCHIO and THE

RESCUERS DOWN UNDER were much better than this!

Alligator (1980)
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Alligator: The Lost Classic., 30 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


When a little girl is impressed by an alligator who nearly kills a man a gator wrestling match in Florida, she buys a baby gator (who she names Ramon) of

her own from some Redneck-looking guy. She houses the young crocodilian in

a special tank until her animal-hating father flushes helpless Ramon down the toilet and into the sewers, without even knowing what trouble he would cause

the whole city.

Twelve years later, Ramon has been feeding off the carcasses of dead dogs,

Which were thrown into the sewers by the Slade Chemical Testing Facility. The dogs had been previously injected with growth hormones and then rejected into the sewers after the doctors were done experimenting with them. Ramon's

constant feeding on these enhanced pooches caused him to mutate into a 36- foot long monster gator! Soon, Ramon breaks through a sidewalk (very cool

scene) and makes life a living he11 for the city. He begins turning up inside dark alleys, river fronts, swimming pools, and even a wedding!

It is up to Officer David Madison and reptile expert Marisa Kendall (the now

grown-up little girl who bought Ramon as a baby in the first place) to put an end to Ramon's reptilian wrath!

This is very hard movie to find. It is the best overlooked classic I have ever seen. It ranks right up there with JAWS. Think of ALLIGATOR as JAWS and GODZILLA

meet urban legend.

Crocodile (2000) (V)
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I Agree with "Mr. Boy!", 24 April 2004

Sure this movie is cheesy, and unbelievable. But so what?! Its a good/bad-type movie for goodness sake. Its one of the B-movies ever made! Trust me, director Tobe Hooper KNEW what he was doing when he made this funny, breath- taking, and even tragic film! That's another thing to note: this is weird, HELLO! Because it was directed by a weird director, TOBE HOOPER! Remember, he's

the guy who made such weirdos as THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE,

EATEN ALIVE, and LIFEFORCE. Therefore, the elements in CROCODILE were

perfect for a personallity like Tobe Hooper (one of the best horror directors ever)!

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Call me crazy but, this movie is "special" to me., 24 April 2004

I say this because the villain, Judd, reminds me a lot about myself. He has

glasses just like I do (only without the scotch tape), he even has faint, facial hair like me. I have taunted and teased quite a few times at school before, just like the sex-crazed hillbilly, Buck does to Judd. In one scene Buck and one of his girlfriends come to Judd's "Starlight" Motel searching for a room to do the nasty in. Judd denies Buck entrance into his motel, but the sex addict redneck and his lady friend go in anyway.

In another scene, Buck steps out of his room because he keeps hearing the

screaming sounds of a little girl (who's father was killed by Judd's pet crocodile and whose mother was tied up by Judd inside another room in the motel) from

underneath the building. When Buck steps out, Judd punishes him for intruding in his motel by pushing Buck into the lake where the crocodile eats him ("That ole croc'll eat anything, even ole Buck!" I love that line). This kind of image pops into my head everytime some idiot bugs me at school. Their so annoying, that I wish I could feed their dumb@$$es to Judd's crocodile. So it was kind of sad

(but artistically ironic) when Judd gets eaten by his own pet at the end.

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I don't know about you, but I LOVED it!, 24 April 2004

I believe THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 is the best sequel in the

"chainsaw" series, needless to say it one of my favorite movies of all time. I think it is every bit as good as the original. It is the best sequel because it was directed by the Master of Macabre and Mayhem: Tobe Hooper, it also explains

what happened to Sally Hardesty from the first after she escaped Leather-Face: when that guy in the pickup truck helped her get away from Leather-Face and

his saw, she was sent to the hospital. There, she told the doctors that she "broke out of a window in hell," She babbled the most bizzare story anyone has ever

heard: A family of modern, cannibalistic hillbillies in an isolated farm house, chainsawed fingers and bones, chairs and funiture made out of human

skeletons, her brother and her friends captured and hacked for barbecue. After she told her terrifying tale, she sank into catatonia (she fainted from fear). So, the police launched a month-long man hunt. Despite a painstaking search, they could not locate the mad house. No crimes, no evidence, no bodies, no Leather- Face, no nothing.

13 years later, a couple of fun-seeking teens are driving down Dallas, Texas

and call a famed radio DJ so-named "Stretch." They continue to harras her over the phone until they are attacked on the road by a certain masked killer with a chainsaw, Leather-Face, good to see you again! Stretch records the screaming

a buzzing of the saw and takes it to Lt. "Lefty" Enright. Lefty is the half brother of Sally and Franklin Hardesty, and when he heard about Sally and her

nightmarish story, he made it a life mission to track down Leather-Face and

company and kill them to obtain revenge (how dramatic). So, Stretch and Lefty team up. Lefty asks Stretch to broadcast the tape with the massacre on it on

public radio so that the public (and of course, the police, who don't believe Lefty about his sister's "Chainsaw Massacre"). Drayton Sawyer (the cook from the

original) hears this on his radio and sends his 2 cohorts, Leather-Face and

Chop Top (the hitchhiker's late brother) over to the radio station to kill Stretch. But when the killers get there, Leather-Face FALLS IN LOVE with Stretch and

decides NOT to slice her into pieces. I think this element is good, because it shows that Leather-Face has something that most other killers and slashers

(like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers) do NOT have: EMOTIONS. Leather- Face may be a murderous idiot, but at least he knows what "love" is. He

"molests" her with his saw, try finding THAT in WEST SIDE STORY.

When Leather-Face and Chop Top leave, Stretch follows them to their "home."

Which is an underground layer beneath an amusment park (that's why the

police couldn't find them). She also meets Lefty there, too. When Stretch falls through a trap door into the Sawyer's layer, Lefty breakes out some chainsaws of his own, he bought two small ones and one really big one much like Leather- Face's. So, the vengeful lawman enters the Sawyer's layer to rescue Stretch and of course, punish the Sawyer family for what they did to her sister!

Nice work, I love ya' Tobe Hooper!

Alligator (1980)
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An Overlooked Classic., 12 April 2004

ALLIGATOR (1980) is yet another little known movie (as with DARK AGE). Why

ever it is not very popular is beyond me. The alligator looks very realistic, ALLIGATOR shows not all creature features need to depend on too much CGI,


ALLIGATOR is (obviously) similar to JAWS and BENEATH LOCH NESS. JAWS

was based on a book by Peter Benchely and an incident when a 7.5 foot great

white shark swam from the ocean and started raising cain in a local river.

BENEATH LOCH NESS was based from the Loch Ness monster ("Nessie")

legend. While, ALLIGATOR is based from an urban legend, ever heard rumors

about alligators living in the sewers?

ALLIGATOR is a superb, overlooked, classic, horror gem, and should NOT be

missed by fans of the Beast or Horror genre; or ANYONE for that matter!

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