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Scrooge and Marley (2001) (TV)
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Awful, 20 March 2009

Each passing Christmas season drops another passel of Dickens knockoffs on the rubbish heap, and "Scrooge and Marley" makes that heap one higher. Dean Jones, the once harmless actor of Disney yore, is cast as Scrooge, a character which has been reduced to an empty vessel from which atheist-materialist platitudes may be served. The entire production has an infomercial feel to it, and is nothing more than a series of tedious debates intended to cement the belief system of D. James Kennedy followers. The late D. James Kennedy himself pops up over and over again, wherein he appears especially wooden and is just going through the motions.

If you're looking to kindle the Christmas spirit, steer clear of this dreck. May I recommend the 1951 Christmas Carol classic with Alastair Sim.

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This was horrible, 11 April 2004

I've seen this on TV land several times. Witchy Poo is obviously played by someone other than Billie what's-her-name, and this actress just cannot handle it. Also, that green guy is obviously not C.N. Reilley. The whole thing looks like it was basically planned and choreographed in the span of that afternoon. It looks like one of those puppet shows you make up as you go along but invite your friends over and charge them a quarter admission to watch your made-up crap. It just looks so poorly thrown together. Obviously, the producers of this just thought they could assemble all the pre-pubescent heart throbs of that zeitgeist, throw 'em on stage and make a quick buck. Whittaker looked very nervous and unsure of himself. Also, when the camera pans across the audience at one point, before cutting to a commercial break, you can see Robert Reed (Mr. Brady) in the audience drinking a beer or something. Bad singing, dancing, acting, jokes, everything. Everytime I watch this I just want to punch a hole in my television, I hate it so much. I hate when it comes on and I am subjected to this tripe. Who would watch this garbage? I sure wouldn't want to. I hate watching it. The kids look so dorky, then there's this part where HR Puffinstuff goes out in the audience to shake kids hands, and he has to keep bouncing to keep his mouth moving, and he misses all these kids hands and he winds up looking like a total dorkozoid. Really, watch it sometime just to see how terrible this is. You will go ballistic. I hate watching this and would not recommend this to anyone. You'd have to basically be moronic to watch this. I don't know how anyone sits through this whole thing. When I watch it, I ask myself how much lamer could this get, and sure enough, it gets very lame, from the lame beginning to the lamer end.