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just awful so terrible, 7 September 2012

Batman never was that great but still they had to be this crappy i mean holy crap its so predictable on what is going to happen the acting is just terrible the story line and the plot just horrible. i mean this trilogy epic ha okay that is just god damn funny ha this trilogy is not great but it is not that bad its just an average trilogy. i mean bane you can not understand what he is saying most of the time i mean this is no where near the same as the dark knight from two thousand and eight its just so bad and completely overrated film its just so god damn bad i mean its very god damn unrealistic even for a comic film its just that bad. Save your money and do not watch the dark knight rises okay watch something better and worth watching okay.

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epic film, 17 August 2012

Once upon a time in America such an underrated film this movie is amazing great acting ,plot its just amazing one of Robert De Niro's best films. It is one of the best gangster films of all time. James Woods gave a magnificent performance in Once Upon A Time In America. This film is amazing it shows you a part of our history the Prohibition era its amazing from the start to the end of the film watch Once Upon A Time In America and find out that one of the best epic gangster films is about a group of Jewish boys in the hood struggling to survive during the Prohibition era.this film will make you want to watch it over and over again Once Upon A Time In America is just magnificent just a masterpiece Robert De Nero gave a outstanding performance

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average, 9 June 2012

the avengers was an okay movie. I heard so much hype about the avengers and i didn't think it was amazing it was an okay film not really terrible and it wasn't amazing it was okay. The acting was okay but the effects were pretty good actually but because it was in 3d. I would say it deserves an acadamy award for best sound effects not best acting.every body is saying best film of the year you cant just say that right away the only film you can say the best film of the year is the Mario Puzos The Godfather. I liked the way that they put most of marvels Super Heros into one movie but only one villain. There should have been more villains in the film in summary the avengers was an OK film.