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This is a list of great female character players and talented supporting actreses that don't get enough love. Some have done lead roles. I do have some lead actresses who have done notable supporting and character roles.
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A list of talented character actors,Now some have been leading men,but have also worked as Character actors so it won't just be Go TO or that guy character Actors on this list,this list will include actors that do character roles.
These actors are without a doubt are the best in Showb
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Keep in my mind there are many voice actors/actresses I think are talented and deserve credit for their hard work,thisvis avlist of my personal favorites.I had two lists for actors and actresses in English Dubbed Anime but I decided to make one big list with both
Its no order

Feel free to let me know who your favorite voice actors/actresses are
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A list of Low Budget,Unknown and Lesser Known.We love them, but sadly dont see enough of them
This list will also include actresses from the 70s and 80s and actresses that were big once but not anymore(mainly appear in TV and straight to dvd films nowadays)
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This is my fancast for X-Men there will be a few actors from the current movie series
Idk how to do it though what mean is to have the characters be teens like the early comics or young adults,so for some characters I have actors that could play teens and actors that could be play young adults
This list will include X-men and Deadpool related characters,Marvel might be getting the Fantatic Four rights back in the Near Future so I have them on my Marvel Cinematic Universe Fancast
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This my fan cast for Mortal Kombat movies
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My fancast for the Upcoming Mass Effect movie
There are also characters from 2 and 3 assuming there are going to be sequels
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This is my MCU Fancast it features some of the actors that are currently in the MCU and some will not be on this list because they may be done I will have marvel characters except for the X-men(They are getting their own universe in the comics). This list has the Fantastic Four because I think they could show up in the near future Fox might give the rights back one day
I will keep adding characters
I have decided to include characters from The game Marvel Nemesis,I thought the game was cool and the imperfects were cool charcerters,the Imperfects were suppose to be part of the main comic universe but since the game did not do so well and the fact that they are owned by EA,Maybe Marvel and EA could collaborate and make a movie based on Marvel Nemesis,the game had small roster so maybe even more of the Marvel characters can fight the imperfects

Some roles have been cast since I made this list and I will have some the actors in the roles they were cast since some are good choices and some I just dont have ideal choices for
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This is my Fancast for a GI JOE film series Reboot I felt like many actors were miscast in the films and the characters were misused and killed off too early WTF. Hopefully a reboot could fix that
I will keep adding characters
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This is a fancast for the Resident Evil series, I am trying to cast all the main characters from all the games(Expect for Survivor),I will occasionally make changes, if any of you got suggestions let me know
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This is my fancast for a FMA movie
I can't think of actors for Edward and Al
I would want a short 16-18 year old to play Edward and a Child to voice Al like in the Dub
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I thought the game was pretty cool and I never thought about doing a fancast,but after see a few I thought why not it would be cool if there was a series a movies based on the game. I already have a DC Fancast but I might only use a few actors from that list since some of them are on my MK Fancast and also there were other actors I thought would be good in the roles
This list has over 100 characters not saying that many would be in the movie I just did not know how many to put.
Here are some fights I would like to see the possibilities are endless
Nightwing vs Johnny Cage
Speedy vs Cassie Cage
John Constantine vs Quan Chi
Katana vs Kitana
Vixen or Cheetah vs Tanya
Beast Boy vs Reptile
Metallo or Steel vs Jax
Victor zsasz vs Baraka
Batwoman vs Kira
Deadshot vs Erron Black
Ra's Al Ghul vs Shang Tsung
Cyborg vs Cyrax,Sektor,Smoke or Trigborg
Killer Frost vs Frost
Enchantress vs Sindel
Black Canary vs Sonya Blade
Capt Boomerang vs Kano
Red Hodd vs Stryker
Raven vs Nightwolf
Huntress vs Sareena
Gorilla Grodd,Killer Croc and Soloman Grundy vs Kintaro,Motoro and Goro
Deathstroke vs Kabal
Wonder Woman vs Sheeva
Zatanna vs Shinnok
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I would keep most of the actors,just change a few though
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I don't agree with a lot of the casting This is how it should look
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This is a fancast for SNK's other popular franchise it would be cool to see a movie on that as well.
This fancast will have characters from Art of Fighting as well since its in the same universe
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I am using some of the actors from the movie,I want this to be a reboot except have Tagawa,Jon Foo,Cung Lee,Gary Daniels and Lateef Crowder reprise their roles

I pretty much have every character from the series except for , Leo and Lars .
BTW This is just a general Fancast I am not expecting every single character in one movie
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This is a fancast for a Jonny Quest movie,Jonny Quest was show I liked when was a kid it would be cool to see it turn into a movie I will also include characters from the Real Adventures Series
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Lets pretend Evolution did not happen
This is a General Dragonball Universe Cast,I am gonna include characters from Dragonball,DBZ,GT and the DBZ Movies)
Certain Characters like Pan, Kid Gohan,Kid Trunks,Kid Goku,Goten,Dende and Chiaotzu( Who is Child Like) won't be on this fan cast
since they would be portrayed by child actors

I know its a lot of movies but it would be awesome

If any of you got suggestions let me know
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This is my Kotor Fancast,this list is has characters from both games, there would be adaptations of both games so every character would appear in both. The question would be though would the movies be direct adaptions(which means multiple movies per game) or just a 2 hour 30 min movie that has the main characters and certain elements but is not a direct adaption HMMMM. If the movies are direct adaptions maybe I would maybe make a third movie to close the series (like How Peter Jackson made 3 hobbit movies instead of one) I would ignore SWTOR and Star Wars: The Old Republic Revan and make my own story for the third movie
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My Fancast for a Ninja Gaiden movie,I always thought it was a cool series and would love to see a movie and its in the Same Universe as Dead or Alive
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Bloody Roar is another fighting game franchise I enjoyed it was not as popular as Tekken,Street Fighter,Mortal Kombat,but it was still fun to play and would make a god movie IMO
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I am a KOF fan and would love to see a proper movie,I want to pretend the 2010 movie did not happen
King of Fighters is set in a different universe from Fatal Fury/ARt of Fighting, i will make a separate fancast for that as well,but there are characters from those games as well as other SNK games that are in the KOF games as playable characters. I will include characters from KOF 94-2003, KOF 11-14 and the Maximum Impact games
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My fancast for a SoulCalibur movie
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This list contains Martial Arts and Action movies that have rated 7 or higher don't worry if one you like is not on the list because its a growing list I will keeping adding movies
comic book movies(Except for Blade,Spawn Daredevil and Punisher) won't be on the list
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These are my favorite Martial Arts Stars
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Resident EVil is Capcom's most successful franchise,but they also made Dino Crisis which is a very underrated and unappreciated series Hopefully they reboot the series one day and a live action movie would be cool
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This is my fan cast for Dead or Alive
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Based on the 2013 Game
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This is a fan cast of Ocarina of Time some of the child characters like Young Link,Saria and Young Zelda will not be on this. The majority of the cast is british because I always Envisioned Link and Zelda as Brits and some of the other characters are Indian and Middle Eastern
IF any of you got any suggestions let me know
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This is my cast if there was ever a live gta 5 movie