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I don't agree with a lot of the casting This is how it should look
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These are my favorite Martial Arts Stars
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This list contains Martial Arts and Action movies that have rated 7 or higher don't worry if one you like is not on the list because its a growing list I will keeping adding movies
comic book movies(Except for Blade,Spawn Daredevil and Punisher) won't be on the list
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I love low budget and underated actresses more than the a list actresses. We love them, but sadly dont see enough of them
This list will also include actresses from the 70s and 80s and actresses that were big once but not anymore(mainly appear in TV and staright to dvd films nowadays)

The first 100 are the most beautiful actresses I have seen only the first 30 are in order( might change it overtime if I discover new actresses)
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This is my MCU Fancast it features some of the actors that are currently in the MCU and some will not be on this list because they may be done I will have marvel characters except for the X-men(They are getting their own universe in the comics). This list has the Fantastic Four because I think they could show up in the near future Fox might give the rights back one day
I will keep adding characters and actors
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A list of my favorite character actors
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I am using some of the actors from the movie,I want this to be a reboot except have Tagawa,Jon Foo,Cung Lee,Gary Daniels and Lateef Crowder reprise their roles

I pretty much have every character from the series except for , Leo and Lars .
BTW This is just a general Fancast I am not expecting every single character in one movie
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This my fan cast for Mortal Kombat movies
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This is my fan cast for Dead or Alive
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My fancast for the Upcoming Mass Effect movie
There are also characters from 2 and 3 assuming there are going to be sequels
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My Fancast for a Street Fighter Movie
I will make changes to the list if I find actors that are better suited for a role
This list includes characters from SF 1-4, the Alpha series and EX Series This is just a general fancast I am not expecting every single character in movie
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Lets pretend Evolution did not happen
This is a General DBZ Fan Cast(I might include Dragon Ball and Gt Characters)
Certain Characters like Kid Gohan,Kid Trunks Goten,Dende and Chiaotzu( Who is Child Like) won't be on this fan cast
since they would be portrayed by child actors

If any of you got suggestions let me know
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This is my Kotor Fancast,this list is has characters from both games, there would be two movies so not every character would appear in both and I would maybe make a third movie to close the series (like How Peter Jackson made 3 hobbit movies instead of one) I would ignore SWTOR and Star Wars: The Old Republic Revan and make my own story for the third movie
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This a fan cast for Syphon Filter,I was a huge fan of the games, this list has characters from each game If I were making Syphon Filter movies there would be a lot of fight scenes it would not just be non stop shooting like it is in the games
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The cast would be Asian,An American film does not mean an all White cast

I will make changes if you got any suggestions
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This is a fan cast of Ocarina of Time some of the child characters like Young Link,Saria and Young Zelda will not be on this. The majority of the cast is british because I always Envisioned Link and Zelda as Brits and some of the other characters are Indian and Middle Eastern
IF any of you got any suggestions let me know
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This is my Fancast for the Dead Rising Series
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This is a fancast for the Resident Evil series, I am trying to cast all the main characters from all the games(Expect for Survivor),I will occasionally make changes, if any of you got suggestions let me know
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This a general fan cast for King Of Fighters and Fatal Fury, I am gonna pretend the last movie did not happen,its gonna be hard to do but I am gonna try and make this fancast,
If you got any suggestions let me know
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This is my cast if there was ever a live gta 5 movie