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Not for everyone
7 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Here is the deal. It seems that most reviews are written by a certain twenty something demographic with no kids, and this is fine. They enjoy their animated entertainment with a decidedly adult edge and again this is fine. The Amazing World of Gumball however provides edgy (but not obscene) animation that can be enjoyed with kids in the room and this is where I base my rating. Sure when the kids are asleep I can watch some SP or FG but when every other word is bleeped and the innuendos run rampant, it can make it hard to enjoy a show. I can't believe I am already in this demographic but here I am, and my entire family can sit down (kids are 4,6 and 8) and not worry about penis jokes, sexual innuendo or drug references. I can already hear the collective sucking of teeth at this point if view, but you too will be where I am soon, and you will long for entertainment suitable for kids that doesn't make one want to jump out a window (Max and Ruby I'm looking at you) Thanks for reading my review and I hope you check it out at least once no matter how many dependents you claim on your w4.
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