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The women on this list, are women I would have sex with. I also list the movies or TV shows that I've seen, where each woman looked SO DAMN HOT!

Many will say my list is sexist. I say it's honest. Honestly, THE BEST SEXIST LIST ON THE INTERNET. If you enjoy my meticulously detailed list, you're definitely a sexist. While I am primarily an unashamed pervert, I am also (sadly) a sexist (to an extent). But at least I can admit it! Can you?

The list is in ALPHABETICAL order - EXCEPT for Eva Green. I have her at #1, just because she is my biggest celebrity crush. And I want her face to be the first thing all you scumbag perverts see. Eva kept a low profile for a while, but now she seems to be back at starring in big movies (now that everyone can see she doesn't deserve to be stuck playing the arm candy of leading men, thanks to movies like CRACKS). And Eva has been my #1 since late-2009.

This is, in many ways, a nostalgic list. I was a teenager in the late-1990s. Scumbag perverts who were teenagers/adults in the 1990s, will enjoy this list more than someone who was born after the mid-1990s.

Also, a lot of the movies these women appear in are either mediocre, or crappy movies. This is because I watched lots of mediocre and crappy movies on TV, just to be able to ogle certain actresses I knew were in the movie.

Although, I hated James M. Muro’s movie STREET TRASH the first time I saw it many years ago - but today, I consider it ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME MOVIES EVER MADE.

Anyway, I am also aware that most of you scumbag perverts only want to look at lists of women that look hot TODAY. However, a lot of the women on this list, aren't hot today - because they're getting old, or perhaps had a plastic surgery disaster. For instance, Linda Hamilton is past her prime - but who could forget how hot "Sarah Connor" was in TERMINATOR 2?

Also, some of the women on this list have horrific IMDB display pics, even though those women are still hot today. I'm looking at you, Liv Tyler. Well, I'm assuming those women are still hot today.

Also, I have tried to make sure that I only listed celebrities who were at least EIGHTEEN years old for this list. One mistake, was putting Dominique Swain on my list. I had a crush on her when I was a teenager, after seeing Face/Off. And for many years, I assumed she had been eighteen at the time the film was made. But it turned out I was wrong.

If you want to debate my choices, go right ahead. Because let's face it - the thoughts of moronic strangers are more important than my own opinions. Actually, this is not a list of opinions. It is a list of cold, hard, FACTS.

All suggestions for this list will be ignored, because no one has better taste than me.

By the way, some blondes are incredibly hot, whether they’re fake blonde, or naturally blonde. Lucy Lawless is one example of a woman who looks better blonde. HOWEVER,
Pamela Anderson,
Marilyn Monroe,
Paris Hilton,
Kaley Cuoco,
Jessica Simpson, and
Taylor Swift
are six people that WILL NEVER be on my celebrity sex list. Not even when they were in their prime.

That said, I prefer brunettes over women with any other hair colour. So I am disappointed that so many of the celebrities on this list have blonde hair in their photos. Oh well. As long as they looked hot in some movie or TV show, they belong on my list.

WOMEN WHO BELONG ON THE LIST (but aren't in the IMDB database):
1. Shelly McDonald (main host of Caribbean Workout).
2. Deana Sumanac (was hot in 2014 - she was the arts reporter for CBC's The National).
3. Althia Raj (was hot in 2015 - she occasionally appeared on CBC's The National).
4. Jennifer Arria (brunette model in the documentary FleshEater: Back into the Woods).
5. Juliana Mills (intern on Canada's MTV Live).
6. Joanna Young (co-host of Caribbean Workout).
7. RT reporters/staff (that were hot in 2014): Meghan Lopez, Irina Galushko, Yulia Shapovalova, and Thabang Motsei.
8. RT reporters/staff (that were hot in 2015): Lindsay France, Ashraf Qizilbash, Reema Abu Hamdieh, Katie Pilbeam, and Anastasia Churkina.
9. RT reporters/staff (that are hot in 2016): Anya Parampil, Polly Boiko, Lori Harfenist (aka The Resident), Naomi Karavani, Marina Portnaya, Ameera David, Manila Chan, Oksana Boyko, Nadira Tudor, Anissa Naouai, Lizzie Phelan, Paula Slier, Nikki Aaron, Simone Del Rosario, Trinity Chavez, Ashlee Banks, and Gayane Chichakyan.

And I can confirm that RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze, Erin Ade (formerly of RT), RT's Tabetha Wallace, RT’s Bianca Facchinei, the CBC's Rosemary Barton, RT's Stacy Herbert and RT's Abby Feldman ARE listed in the IMDB database - so you'll find them on my list.

This list is a work in progress. From time to time, I will add new women to the list. As for women already on the list - if I end up seeing them in stuff I haven't seen before, and IF I am impressed, I'll add that info to my list.

And if you want to find out who the rest of my TOP TEN celebrity women are - you’ll need to go to the very end of this alphabetical list. And underneath my listing of Zooey Deschanel's hot movies, you'll find my TOP TEN CELEBRITY SEX LIST.