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I didn't expected much, but certainly more than that, 30 May 2015

Before going to see this film, I watched trailers, took a look at the basic plot and I already knew that the scenario will be empty and cliché. I knew that I will see a lot of scenes that do not make sense, or characters are going to be as in usual Hollywood film: plain, heroic and very very smart then it is needed. So I sad to myself: look, you're not going for the smart, plot-twisted film; you're going to check the effects.

I was disappointed by them. For me 2012 film was way more fascinating, breath-taking film than this one. I almost did not see anything new what I already saw in the trailer. I wanted to experience the disaster on its best: with good views, observations, with scary soundtrack that will bring the fear and terror to everyone's hearts and imagination. Instead of that, I've got a lot of mess, only few points of views about the disaster and nothing that actually made me say WOW.

It just didn't feel like I was watching something that I did not see already. And I thought that after some break of disaster movies in cinemas, they will definitely deliver something different. Unfortunately.

I rate this film 5, and I do not regret my money spent on the ticket in the cinema, because I like disaster films generally. But SAN ADREAS is definitely not going to be my favourite one. Or even close.

Deadfall (2012)
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Movie with a lot of holes in script..., 30 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What can I say... The trailer of this movie looks pretty great. You're start thinking: oh, this is going to be a really great thriller with tricky scenario and a little bit of action.

Yes, there was some action. And no, script wasn't so tricky and involving me. In fact, it had to many holes in it. Now, I want to explain that I didn't expect script to be such complicated as for example... Shutter Island or Inception films. However, I wanted nice thriller for my evening.

The story was nice: brother and sister running from the police and gets in into small town. I liked that there were other characters' stories, which kind of connects in the middle of the film. But some places in the it were just not logical: love thing (I can't explain more because of the spoilers..), body wound aspects which brought me into movies of 90's, where Bruce Willis could beat 50 guys with less than 50 percent of remained blood in the body...

And the ending. So disappointing! While I was watching it, I thought 'Well I will give to this film 6 stars in IMDb if the end of it will satisfy me'. However, it ended so quickly, without any showing how the life started / ended for all characters in the it. And believe me, the end of the film wasn't something deep or that one, which requires to think over again about it. No. It just not finished.