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Please keep the show on the air!, 14 April 2007

What a refreshing show for a change. We have looked forward to each episode but the network seems to replace it with other programs. Why? The premise/cast is/are fabulous. Seeing Harve Presnell again adds icing on the fun cake. Please give the show a chance! The joy of the video store guy helping determine the crime via his knowledge of movies and how they fit in with the stories is magic. When Andy tries to solve the week's 'problem' and continues to fall into hysterically funny situations knock's us out. All we can say is that having a program on the air that we look forward to means a great deal. Please, again, continue the fun by allowing us to view a rare fun series.

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The tearer in the film is not the Radio City Music Hall, 29 May 2006

Please be aware that this film has nothing to do with the Radio City Music Hall! As an archivist re: the Music Hall..I know what is and what is not associated with the New York venue. The film's Theodore is just the "Music Hall." No Rockettes are in the film. Only wonderful ice skaters plus superb actors and fun. Just thought you would like to know. Truly a wonderful film. You will never guess who the 'murderer' is while watching this film....till the very end. What a superb plot and beautiful ice skating. One never sees that kind of performances any more. The Roxy Theater and the Center Theatres, in New York city, had ice skating performances on stage!