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Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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Dreadful, silly and a dash retarded, 17 October 2009

Despite sharing its title with Romero's 1985 cult film "Day of the Dead" this movie has no connection with the old classic. As quite a fan of anything post-apocalyptic and favorably zombie-infested, I decided to give it a go anyway.

In sum everything seems to have gone awry with this movie. The script is full of gaping plot-holes, and if this is not insulting in itself, add poor acting to an emotionally implausible script (e.g. after watching his zombie-mother be splattered by a Humvee one character remains in a rather jolly mood), and painfully cliché stereotypes (the token "gangster" black guy wielding a makeshift bone saw-taped-to-a-broom scythe with ninja-like precision) defying the laws of physics.

My personal favorite is the wall-scaling spider zombies, which move about with superhuman speed... ofc except when attempting a go at our protagonists. Oh yeah, and then there is the gun firing zombies, and the empathic zombie, who happens to be so forcefully in love with the protagonist that he overcomes his zombie-hood, and collaborates with the band of survivors - lets not give too much thought to the point that they've met each other approximately half a day prior to zombie-transformation.

In so many words: this movie is thoroughly retarded