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Maurice (1987)
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Excellent, 27 January 2005

A few weeks ago here in sunny Los Angeles, it poured. An as usual my partner and I gave one of famous Sunday brunch's, which are normally held out by the pool with guest admiring the view. Such was not that Sunday. We hosted our brunch inside. We have an extensive DVD collection and one of the guest meandered into the library and pulled out " Maurice ". What a great movie, for most of us had seen it years ago. But for those who had not, they enjoyed as the rest of us did. The music score is excellent and the camera shoots of the English country side are exquisite. The story line is so romantic, you really don't want it to end. It also deals with the class structure of its day in gentle way. All actors are brilliant in there roles. Dare I say, the ending brought a few tears............... A great movie rain or sun, but the rain brought that certain English charm to our gang......


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A Great Flick, 11 January 2005

This movie was given to me as a Christmas gift in 2004. My friends know my love of ships and movies, so they knew this would be something I was surely to like. And did I. I would have been deeply disappointed if I had seen this at the local CinePlex, because there are so many excellent scene's you will want to rewind an ponder over, even shed a tear or two. Its the story of a baby boy ( Tim Roth )who is found aboard an ocean liner( by actor Bill Nunn ), who spends his entire life aboard this ship. Its a movie that is wonderfully acted by all the cast. It moves with ease an always keeps you in a slight fog that lifts at the perfect moment. The piano score's are exquisite !!!I found it haunting and moving at the same time. This movie is 2 hours long, but it will glide by so quickly you will want for more. Without spoiling it, the ending scene is powerful, its..............well......I'll let you be the judge. Enjoy, Marco