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Alexander (2004)
One of the lousiest movies I ever saw, 25 July 2016

I was so looking forward to seeing this movie because of the great soundtrack album by Vangelis. I wanted to see the Roxan'e Veil and other songs and what part of the movie they were in.

The movie was free to watch on the net. It starts off with a death and then Anthony Hopkins goes into the details of the life of Alexander. It is so boring and confusing you can't believe it. Hopkins is a good actor but he talked on and on there was no action for about 12 minutes. He went from places in the garden in a beautiful house/castle and walked next to a bird he scared when he pet it.

Alexander is blond, young looks and talks more like a college kid that a fighter.He talks and talks and lectures his men how they can conquer the Macedonian kingdom. These men are all in uniform with soldier fighting outfits, fighting staffs, metal helmets and more.

The man that played Alexander is like the class doofus. There is a man with long brown hair and a necklace with a round metal on it. He looks just like a woman until to see his chest. Hardly anyone believed they could do what Alexander said they would. Some scenes with Alexander and a male admirer reminded me of the way men look at women not men looking and talking to men.

There was not much music the first hour. There was a scene that was really dumb. It is with Angelina Jolie who is the mother of Alexander. She is teaching him how to be nice to a snake. She puts the snake around her sons neck and it so happy the way he is responding to the snake. Please kill me now! I don't usually talk this way about films I like or don't like. I could not stand this film. I did not see it to the end it is over 3 hrs long. If it was better I would have watched.

The soundtrack of Alexander is so great you think the movies was too. There is a lot of bloody killing in the movie long long long figths. The good thing I can say is the photography, the lining of soldiers in thousands ready for war in the desert and the sand be kicked up by horses with soldiers and soldiers marching to fight. The rest was bull.

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I hated this Sherlock Holmes actor who kisses a gay man, 7 June 2016

Sherlock was never a homosexual or played as a homosexual. Benedict Cumberbatch is a jerk and a lousy Sherlock Holmes I did not see it all I found it disgusting when this homosexual Jim Moriarty/Andrew Scott was looking at Sherlock's lips with delight.

Sherlock/Cumberbatch looked at Moriarty bent his head as if to kiss him on the mouth, then they switched fast to another scene.I don't know if SH kissed Moriarty or not. That's when I changed the channel.

Andrew Scott played in Sherlock before he was lousy then and lousy now.

Sherlock Holmes is a good investigator and very smart who on earth and what writer wanted to make him a queer in this episode.

Benedict Cumberbatch get out and don't ruin Sherlock's name anymore, let someone else play him.

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Arthur and George-racism used as reason for frame-bull, 26 May 2016

I did not like this series. The two lead characters are both good actors one plays in Doc Martin/Martin Clunes and the other played as Sherlock Holmes/Charles Edwards in some other series/episodes.

The language was hard to understand. Sir Arthur Doyle kept saying his client the Pastors son George Edalji was framed and disliked because of his race. Throughout the 3 part series Arthur uses this excuse for the Pastors son to be blamed and framed.

There was talk of animals being mutilated, people getting threatening notes and more.

In the end it had nothing to do with his race. It had to do with kids going to the same school and things that happened there.

I was very disappointed.

Excellent episode, 11 April 2016

Caleb is a stranger that shows up in Avonlea. He does not know anyone and only has the property in his back pack that is his.

He is young, slim and tall. Alec King needs to get hay out of the field before it storms and all his kids are busy doing something. He finds Caleb in his barn trying to find protection from the storm.

Caleb ends up staying in the barn. Mrs King is leery of strangers and no one knows anything about him.

Caleb works for Alec. He is an excellent worker and honest. Later some men come looking for him to fight. Alec helps fight the men off because they both attacked Caleb. It comes out later that Caleb had been in jail and was released. His family owned a big farm but he sold it and did not go back.

This story is very tender. It tells of a young man trying to make a business on his own and people who supported him lost money and now want to get even.

Caleb tells the Kings what happened in his life and they want to give him a chance and keep him on. Caleb decides he does not want to put their family in danger from more people coming after him. He is a kind decent hardworking man. Very good episode.

Excellent movie lots to learn about police investigation, 19 March 2016

I liked James Bolam in the series "New Tricks" where he played a cold case detective. In this movie he was a really evil doctor who had a way with words that fooled his patients. They trusted him and talked good about him.

Police investigated a suspicious death of one of his patients. Dr Shipman had a friend in the funeral business. He would sign a death certificate give it to the funeral home director and would get money from the director. When a patient dies everyone trusted the doctor and no one is investigated until a lady dies whose daughter was a lawyer and saw forged documents supposedly signed by her mother giving the doctor her estate. Most of the people that died under his care were cremated soon after.

After watching this I saw how liars lie and sound truthful. I saw how hard it is for police to get answers and this made it hard for prosecutors to get a criminal found guilty. I have more respect for the police after this. As I watched the police interrogate Dr Shipman they asked several questions that were crucial and Shipman had all the answers. The police did not threaten or raise their voice. After watching Shipman playing dumb I would not make a good cop. The police were very respectful.

DI Egerton played by James Hazeldine is so excellent in pursuing this case to get at the truth. He goes to speak to a pastor of the church. He believes Shipman killed a lot of people but does not know why. He talks it out with the pastor. DI Egerton is very professional he respects those police on the case questioning Dr Shipman. There were documents predated on Shipman's computer but the hard drive told the investigator the documents were created on the day his patients died not before like he predated their symptoms.

I think this is a great movie for those involved in law enforcement, investigating and gathering witnesses and knowing how to get info from their computers.

Excellent movie

Two men in love with Felicity, 13 March 2016

Felicity has two men that want her attention. One is Gus Pike the other is Arthur Pettibone studying to be a veterinarian.

Felicity gives them equal attention and seems to like them both. Gus and Arthur are jealous of each other. Sarah is caught in the middle. She knows Gus likes Felicity a lot and does not want to see him hurt. She lies for Gus to Sarah and lies for Sarah to Gus.

Gus is too jealous and wants to marry Felicity to show her he means business and that he loves her. Felicity does not want to hurt him and she feels they have a long future ahead of them and she does not want to marry Gus now.

What I found interesting about this series was I thought it was about Christians in a small town. Mrs King. Felicity's mother wishes her husband Alec was there. She comments about him going to a "Mason's meeting". I am a Christian and I know you cannot be a Mason if you are a Christian.

So the series is interesting, sometimes frustrating but it is pretty good the way they solve their problems.

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Too Violent, 23 January 2016

One of the most violent episodes I ever watched in any series.

A man is killing women that are walking alone at night. He steals things from them and goes through their pocketbook.

In the episode it shows women that were killed all bloody and laying on the ground.

He steals the necklace off one of the dead women and gives it to his wife as a birthday present. She loves it and does not know it was stolen from a woman he killed. The violence started against other women because he read text on his wife's phone that she was cheating on him.

This shows how violent the man was even hitting his own head against a wall, stabbing a door to get a victim, punching a bathroom door and killing a man and wrapping him up in plastic.

This episode is disgusting and I don't understand who Luther is but he is a cop with problems.

Save yourself the trouble. No wonder so many nutters are out there programs teach them how to kill and get a kick out of the rage.

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Funny and nature teaching, 23 January 2016

This program is very informative for kids and adults. It teaches kids about the outdoors.

Today it had how streams form when the snow melts on higher ground and flows down in streams of different sizes. It showed how the streams break up and the water runs underground and can come up in a stream not far away.

The show talks about nature and how to take care of it. It is funny and has cute looking characters. The art, animation, images and colors are bright and beautiful.

The show is on PBS Kids. Anyone any age can learn something and enjoy the colorful backgrounds on "Nature Cat".

Someone is murdering women in a violent way, 14 December 2015

This episode of Touching Evil is the second part of "Innocent'. I found this very confusing and violent. I never watched Touching Evil before.

The main character David Creegan is a police man who had some problems that affected his job. His coworkers think he is mental at times or his judgment is in error. So when be believes someone is innocent even though they confess to a crime his supervisors think he is nuts.

The police abuse the suspects. The suspects are the boyfriends or husbands of the murdered female victims who were killed in a violent way and are grieving. The police have a therapist to help them.

The episode was tense, violent and to me did not justify why the explanation of why the killings took place.

Many miracles in this episode, 30 November 2015

Lots going on in this episode. Mr & Mrs Alec King are expecting their 4th child. They have 2 girls and a boy. The last time she had a baby was 9 years ago and is fearful. Mrs King is near giving birth.

The head of the education dept Miss Stacey talks to Hetty the teacher and wants to have physical education for the kids starting with 2 soccer teams including schoolmates against each other that have mixed teams of girls and boys.

A business man wants to cut down a lot of trees which residents don't want to have cut. He has a soccer team. He makes a bet that his team can beat the school team and if his team wins he can cut any trees he wants.

Alec King is the soccer coach for the town team. He ends up getting a sprained back while his wife goes into labor. There are a lot of challenges in this episode and town people betting on different teams.

It is a good episode funny, tense and many blessings.

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