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Scary and confusing, 27 June 2015

A lady dies who is ready to become a nun.

The nun is poisoned before taking her vows.

A visiting nun is very mean to the nuns in the parish. They find out she used to be in a place where unwed mother went for help. She also ends up dead.

This story really makes Catholic look evil and bad. It shows of nuns condemning women that had out of wedlock births, nuns being mean to unwed mothers, nuns being mean to other nuns and making them hypocrites. I do think it is biased against Catholics/Christians that are supposed to help people in need.

Many Catholic institutions help young girls and women that have had babies and were not married. They made the one in this episode almost like stealing the child from the mother who wants to keep the child instead of helping her to keep her child or put it up for adoption.

The story at the end is very confusing as to who killed the nuns. They give you a reason why the nuns were killed but it still confusing who did it. The accents of the characters and explanations are sometimes hard to understand accept Father Brown's.

I wish the story was written more plainly. They tried to make is full of suspense and I think a person would have to watch it 2 or three times to know what characters did what and why.

Good on mystery, accents confusing as well as plot, 17 June 2015

This episode was full of loud opera music which Morse loves.

He connects murders of people to different music operas and finds puzzles linking them. The people murdered were killed violently and in an unusual way.

The episode it good but very confusing. The accents of the Shawn/Morse is at times hard to understand but his boss is okay. It has a lot of mystery and scary moments in the episode. It runs over 2 hours.

The ending is a surprise. The characters are not easy to identify because they don't always call them by name when they interview them and then later you don't know who was who.

By the time it got through I watching it I was exhausted. I felt they dragged the story on which would have been good for a 1 hr episode.

Villagers mad Doc fired Elaine-rudeness is the topic of the day, 12 June 2015

This episode has lots of angry characters in it with no manners.

Elaine the secretary talks on the phone to long, prepares tea for half the village in the new doctors office which is called surgery, orders the wrong prescription for a patient and then blames the doctor. He fires Elaine and the whole village hates him. They are like bullies, they won't talk with him accept to insult him for firing Elaine. She is very snotty and thinks she is indispensable.

She comes back to get paid and she wants cash. Doc tells her to go to her fathers wedding who would like her there. Doc finds out her mother died when Elaine was young and figures her father getting married makes her hurt and angry.

He has a lot of patients for this snotty arrogant women. He ends up taking Elaine back but she has to change her ways in the office.

Doc Martin is not the easiest person to get along with but he does care about his patients . He notices things about their manner that may be an illness like eye problems, not urinating enough and more. They feel uneasy when he perceives their weakness. His weakness is blood. He is a surgeon and cannot operate any more because of his fear of the site of blood . I saw this series before I like it. There is a lot of unusual people an problems. Sometime there is too much bickering and no respect for Doc Martin the way they talk with him. He is honest to the point that it hurts and people don't want to hear his honesty. There is also unusual humor.

Relationships healed but very confusing., 10 June 2015

This episode is about music and a woman named Joan Adler. Musicians and those interested are trying to find out who wrote Midsomer Rapsody, if somebody else wrote it or if it is a forgery along with some letters.

There are so many characters and the information given was confusing.

Joan Alder was supposedly married to John Farrow/Hedge a man that lived in the woods and did not bother with anyone. They had a daughter named Sarah who enters the pictures years later and meets her father.

Then there is Laura Crawford who claims she was Joan Alder's lover. Then there is another husband named Michael Maybury who gets blamed for treating Joan mean. None of the relationships are explained like when did Joan leave John Farrow and marry Maybury.

John Farrow/Hedge was disowned by his rich father who thought he was dead. So man stories in this episode when you hear Barnaby explaining what happened and who killed who and why even that it is confusing.

The good thing about this is 2 old people are getting married. John Farrow is with his daughter he has not seen for years and Johns father apologies to him just before the wedding.

I am glad Sgt Scott is leaving. He is a good actor, handsome but plays the part of a cop who is influenced by women's flirtations when he questions them. He shows his weakness which affects his judgement.

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So confusing you want to pull out your hair., 8 June 2015

There are so many characters in this episode. UCOS starts investigation the death of a lady that Dan was good friends was named Ellen. Ellen either was a reporter or a cop, I could not figure it out. She was re-opening the case of a woman named Sally that was killed years ago. Mrs Tate says a man named Gabriel followed Sally out and was the last one to see Sally alive but you never find out Gabriele's last name to see who he is connected to in this episode. The new writers of the series mess everything up.

There are so many people involved. A high ranking politician named Stokes, some neighbors and DCI Grace Mackie from another police unit who knows Sasha and does not like her. Every body want to be in charge of this investigation. To much going on in these episodes with the new people.

Gerry moves in with Steve because there is a gas leak in his neighborhood. Gerry is bossy, angry and wants everything his own way. Steve is more lay back. For props they use 2 big pictures on the wall in the back wall of Steve's apartment one of a black man and another of a woman with big lips. It makes we wonder what the writers are trying to prove seeing as Steve is Scottish. Then in the bar where Sasha and Grace are talking and smoothing out their anger there is a big Christian Cross by the liquor bottles in back of the women in the center of the screen. At first the lights are off then they are turned on and the Cross looks bright red.

They promote crap in these new episodes, treat a painting of a black man with dignity, making homosexuals great artist but use the Cross in a tacky and insulting visual in the bar.

There is also more swearing of "sh_t" with Sasha and Gerry. Gerry swore "Christ s_ke" in episode 6 "Romans Ruined" which I delete.

New- New Tricks sucks.

Occultism and gays, 6 June 2015

Men are found drowned in water. He was a homosexual. Lots of talk of art and homosexual lovers and secret stuff.

Could not stand this episode. The people from UCOS are always arguing, having different opinions and giving them. There is too much discussion and shop talk. Jerry is always mad and too much family stuff going on behind the in other episodes scenes.

New Tricks has changed a lot, no humor, more swearing, more violent killings etc.

Glad it is ending. Strickland is not in this too offend either and Sasha has gotten more bossy.

I may watch to the end of the series I got. I won't re-watch at any of this series accept the ones with the original characters and writers.

Very different without the original actors, 2 June 2015

A new boss takes Sandra's place her name is Sasha. Sasha is blond, looks similar to Sandra but, younger, has some lip gestures like Sandra and even sounds like her. She is married to a cop. Sasha/Sandra-->it looks like they were looking for duplicate actors of the ones that left New Tricks.

Dan the new man sounds like Jack when he talks. He is very tall and thin. He is weird looking with short gray hair like bangs on his forehead. He has a handicapped daughter name Holly who has a big mouth and a wife in the mental ward.

This episode was not too bad but there was more swearing in this one 2 sexual scenes one with just sounds and the other visual. There is no humor either to speak of. Dan, Steve and Jerry are to getting to know Sasha their new boss. She finds the men work different than she is used to. They have their spats but are descent to each other. The plot of this episode was to find out who killed a man years ago in the allotment plots of land that they garden.

This was kind of dull. In the end their is sadness for Sasha when she discovers something she had not expected. I liked her character she seems kind and does not have that angry look like Sandra that reminds me of an alcoholic Oh well anyway.

Very emotional and tense Brian's last episode in UCOS, 31 May 2015

A man is in jail 16 years for killing his wife. He later gets released and wants to meet his daughter to explain what happened. His daughter saw her father standing over her dead mother and thought he did it. She is scared of him and does not want to see him. A neighbor who is angry at him testifies against him. The man gets out of jail on a technicality. UCOS proves he did not kill his wife.

A woman's son died under the supervision of a cop who just got a award from the police dept. Brian always felt the kid died of neglect by the cops. Brian gets statements on a tape recorder by the cop in charge at that time and gives it to the boys mother and the case will probably be reopened. This causes Brian to get fired which he accepts because he wants the truth to get out and give the mother some kind of information to get justice for her son. Brian's wife Ester is such a blessing. She has always been supportive patient, loving and understanding. I am going to miss her to. Brian is no longer with UCOS but is in the next episode as a investigator for his wife's friend find her brother

I will miss Brian he added a lot of humor to the series. The man that took Jack's place is Denis Lawson who plays Steven McAndrew. He also played a cop in "The Ambassador". Now the only original characters are angry ones Sandra and Jerry. Very sad with Brian leaving.

A rich family-deception and murder, 29 May 2015

This is the story of a boy named Jacob that is very smart. He invents a time machine to go back in time to see who murdered his father.

Jacob heard his father argue with his uncle Arnold and not long after that he heard a thud and found his father on the ground in the room with white fluid dripping out of his mouth and a empty bottle of strychnine poisoning. The police put it down as suicide.

Jacob believed they fought about the large estate which was under both their names. Jacob's mother was dead and now his father. He has two female cousins that are in race competitions and are constantly pushed by their father to do better. This seems like a very unhappy family.

Father Brown is very funny. He sneaks into the time machine room and plays around with it. The machine is electric, that heats up, blows smoke and sends lighting like static through out the room. He is caught by Arnold the sole the owner of the estate and told to leave.

Inspector Sullivan gets ticked off by Father Brown because of his nosiness and the ability to solve the crimes with his cleverness and help from his church workers and friends.

Funny and suspenseful episode and nice family ending.

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Two priest not following the Catholic Church teaching, 20 May 2015

A woman is arguing with a Catholic priest about telling the truth. The woman is a cleaner in the church property and is a strong Catholic. A grave yard is attached is to the church and she goes out to pray by her families grave at times.

She is found dead the next morning. The day the police want to talk to Father Lebel who cannot be found Father Keegan from another parish comes down. He was to talk to Father Lebel. Keegan was one of Murdoch teachers as a altar boy and Murdoch trusted him.

It comes out that this 6ft tall thin man is a woman practicing as a priest. Murdoch gets upset. His truth teller Father Keegan does not seem to care and Julia Murdoch starts psychoanalyzing why the woman wants to be a priest and not a nun. It goes back to other comments I made that they want to make women superior then men an transgender stuff is brought not because she wants to be a man she wants the position of a priest which does not exist in the Catholic church in to the holy church of Christians. They also make it look like if you confess your sins to a priest they are forgiven. Sins are not forgiven by people only by God. If a person thinks they are getting a pass and their sin is off their conscience once they confess to another human they are highly misled.

Ms Lebel the priest says "God spoke to her" the writers are trying to make us believe how sincere she is an that god accepts this nonsense. The deceptiveness in this episode by the writers is amazing. If they think this is acceptable Bruce Jenner could be a nun and approved by God and accepted by the Catholic Church. Father Keegan the one in charge who keeps quiet for "The greater good".

How bogus this episode is, lies, change your sexual identity, fake a french accent and more.

As an aside everyone and anyone can go into the morgue where the dead bodies are and this is not logical especially if the person was murdered and I am sure in any morgue were the death of a person is being investigated.

In this series and many other shows not one person has dirty or wrinkled clothes unless they are the killers. Spotless actors no matter if they fall or run.

In the end they find out who killed the female cleaner. Just another episode to make us accept transgender, lesbians the "smart" women species and false Christian believes about these subjects.

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